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  1. 2019 NEW PARTS (FEBRUARY) TRD Short Shifter Kit Max Orido AKEA Front Fenders Max Orido AKEA Side Skirts Max Orido Carbon Mirror Covers Max Orido Carbon Fiber Gauge Hood Cover Max Orido Throttle Controller KUHL Ver.2 Side Skirts Aimgain GT Front Lip Aimgain GT Front Lip Aimgain GT Rear Diffuser Aimgain Loop Muffler Silk Blaze Kouki Side Skirts KRC Zenki Front Lip KRC Kouki Front Lip KRC Ducktail Spoiler Auto Craft Evolution 3D GT Wing Auto Craft Evolution 3D GT Wing Type-II Auto Craft Evolution Reinforced Engine Mounts Auto Craft Evolution Enhanced Transmission Auto Craft Evolution Oil Pan Baffle Plate Auto Craft Evolution Brake Cylinder Stopper Auto Craft Evolution Meter Holders Auto Craft Evolution Radiator Cap
  2. 2019 NEW PARTS (JANUARY) (PART 2) TRD Fuel Cap Garnish TRD Battery Holder STi Battery Holder Kansai Service Carbon Side Skirts Garage Vary Headlight Canard Valenti HID Conversion Kit Valenti LED Conversion Kit CLEiB Original Front Lip CLEiB Original Front Lip CLEiB Original Side Skirts CLEiB Original Rear Diffuser C-West Front Wide Fender Max Orido AKEA Zenki Front Lip Max Orido AKEA Kouki Front Lip Max Orido AKEA Kouki Gurney Flaps Max Orido AKEA Kouki Rear Diffuser
  3. 2019 NEW PARTS (JANUARY) (PART 1) ACRE Radiator Hose Kit Aimgain GT-F Carbon GT Wing Aimgain LF-Sport GT Wing Carbing Engine Underpanel Carbing Transmission Underpanel Carbing Rear Underpanel ZELE x Valenti Carbon Mirror Cover Varis Arising-I Kouki Front Lip Varis Arising-I Kouki Side Steps Varis Arising-I Kouki Rear Diffuser Varis Arising-I Kouki Side Rear Splitters Varis Carbon 86 Shift Knob
  4. 2018 NEW PARTS (PART 6) Jun Auto Front Lip Jun Auto Front Lip Blitz Kouki Intake TOM'S Oil Filler Cap TOM’S Kouki Steering Wheel TOM’S Carbon Fiber Shift Knob TOM’S Side Skirts C-West Kouki Front Lip (Painted)
  5. 2018 NEW PARTS (PART 5) Grazio Kouki Power USB Grazio Kouki Black Onyx Tail Lights Grazio Kouki Black Onyx Back Lamp Grazio Kouki Suede Meter Hood Baruta Sports Seat Covers Baruta Carbon Short Antenna STi Front Lip Aimgain Rear Underspoiler TRD Door Scuff Plates TRD Kouki MCB (Motion Control Beam)
  6. 2018 NEW PARTS (PART 4) Intec Carbon Fiber Steering Wheel Garnish Intec Carbon Fiber Center Console Panel Intec Carbon Fiber Air Conditioning Panel Intec Carbon Fiber Starter Switch Panel Intec Carbon Fiber Window Switch Panel Leg Sport Hi-Spec Connecting Pipe Leg Sport Club Sports Muffler Leg Sport Club Sports Muffler Set Leg Sport Hi-Spec Silicon Intake Suction Kit Leg Sport Seat Belt Harness Anchor
  7. 2018 NEW PARTS (PART 3) Pro Composite Low Drag GT Wing SARD Quad Throttle Kit (ITB) TOM’S Sequential LED Tail Lamps TOM'S Kouki Side Skirts S-Craft Side Skirts Subaru OEM Trunk Box Tray Silk Blaze Rear Diffuser Second Stage Center Console Cover Pro Composite Front Spoiler Pro Composite Front Lip
  8. 2018 NEW PARTS (PART 2) Rallybacker Kouki Front Lip Real Original Leather Steering Wheel (Kouki) Real Leather & Ultrasuede Steering Wheel (Kouki) Real Original Carbon Steering Wheel (Kouki) S-Craft BRZ Kouki Front Lip TOM’S Kouki Front Lip Rallybacker Rear Diffuser V2 CLEiB Carbon Fiber BRZ Canards Magna Gauge Faces Type-ST Magna Gauge Faces Type-LC Valenti Jewel LED Door Mirrors Cusco Kouki Intake Suction Pipe Silk Blaze Front Fog Lamp Cover Silk Blaze Rear Bumper Duct Silk Blaze Kouki Rear Diffuser Silk Blaze Extended Paddle Shift Kit Silk Blaze Kouki Front Lip TRD Kouki Rear Diffuser TRD High Response Muffler Ver. R. Crystaleye V2 LED Tail Lights Silk Blaze V2 Rear Spoiler
  9. Since we didn't update those threads as much as we wanted to... here's a BIG update!!! 2018 NEW PARTS (PART 1) Grazio Power USB Ports Grazio Kouki Sport Design Front Spoiler Grazio Kouki Sport Design Side Steps Grazio Kouki Sport Design Rear Side Spoilers Grazio Kouki Sport Design Trunk Lip Spoiler Grazio Kouki Sport Design Rear Roof Spoiler Modellista Illumi Blade Fender Garnish Rallybacker Wide Body Kit V2 326POWER 40mm Lug Nuts 326POWER 60mm Lug Nuts 326POWER 80mm Lug Nuts
  10. Anyone subscribed to this thread, you should subscribe to our 2019 one! Here is the link!
  11. Heya everyone, I just wanted to create this thread so you can know whenever we add some new parts to the webstore. We suggest you to subscribe to this thread to always get our latest updates. We will try to update this thread as much as we can. We've got SO many products to add, I'm sure you guys will like them! You can always check our website or our facebook page to stay up to date! You can receive our newly added parts straight to your email (once per month) by subcribing to the FT86 Newsletter! You can also post your requests if you are looking anything interesting. -Max
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