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  1. hi jus joined the forum i got a brz&86 club card stuck on the window on my car at garden city shopping centre n asking to join the forum but b4 hand I've heard a lot about this forum already where yous guys gather up n go for cruises where I'm very keen for dat lol
  2. jus wondering how long hav u got the special on for also r u able to tell me wat would b the final figure if i go ahead n install this kit like with all the upgrades n tuned dat u hav said on the list there n u installing it as well. I'm very keen about this supercharged upgrade where i hav been looking into this for couple months now n I'm finally ready n hav come to my sences so if u can pls let us no asap pls 999 n I've heard a lot about yous guys for a few years now dat yous r very good at wat u do
  3. Hi all I've jus join jus sayin hello I've got a white GTS-86
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