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  1. Hi all, Here's a quick video I put together demonstrating how to fix the annoying rear parcel shelf rattle in under 3 minutes. Toyota/Subaru will fix this under warranty, but with a fix that takes 3 mins, may as well DIY! Enjoy
  2. Hey mate. Yes, insurance is more expensive due to the increased value of the car. I'm covered for $75,000 and I'm paying $1,600 a year as an occasional use vehicle. As for warranty. Any part of the car related to the engine is void, bur I'd for example tour seat belt breaks, it's still covered.
  3. Just added a 15 min video overview to the article....
  4. As I said above, Jetkit makes the same power off half the boost, and Forged make jack all profit from the Kraftwerks kit with the aussie dollar the way it is. I'm not trying to sell anything here, but clearly you've already made your mind up. I guess my article on passing emissions and engineering is a sales pitch too? And all the videos I've put together on YouTube to help people?
  5. Yeah the JR kit was the other one I was seriously considering. in the end I chose Kraftwerks because I like the idea of it running of a 2nd belt so you can still drive home if something goes wrong with the main SC belt or the SC itself. Regarding the graphs, remember its a generic article, not specifically designed for 86/BRZ. I looked at graphs from about 30 different cars, and tried to interpolate as accurately as possible between all the samples to give the best overall overview. It's probably more typical of what you'd see on something like an XR6 Turbo.
  6. The final decision was based on: *Not wanting to upset the balance of the car for street use by having too much low end, but rather having a nice smooth increase in power proportional to RPM. This car loves to be revved after all. *Not wanting to have to worry about overboost caused by a faulty wastegate actuator, etc. *Not wanting the extra engine bay heat associated with a high mount turbo setup. *The ability to run stock exhaust for emissions *I love the look of the Kraftwerks kit. *I wanted to try something different that no-one else in Aus had done yet as a large part of the enjoyment I get from my car is trying new things and learning. Which is also my reason fro writing the article, in an attempt to make it easier for others. I never claimed to be the world's expert on modding cars. I'm just a passionate enthusiast sharing what I learned from my months of research.
  7. Lol. I never said SC was better. I simply pointed out the strengths and weaknesses of each in general. Weve done turbo setups that make more power and torque then my car off half the boost. I'm not disagreeing with you. But for my car, I chose a centrifugal SC for simplicity and because I like the characteristics. I've driven many boosted 86s and I prefer mine to all of them for my driving style. That's a really nice looking tune BTW.
  8. Forged Performance make turbo kits (jetkit4.0) and sell all types of supercharger kit depending on the customer's desires. I'm not trying to sell anything here. If anything more margin is made on the turbo kits. The purpose of the article is to guide people towards the right product to suit their needs. And you're absolutely right. A turbo will almost always produce more power and torque (as the article says), however that's not always what the customer wants, as was the case with me, which is why I chose the kraftwerks kit for my car. I could easily have made more power and torque off the same boost level with a turbo kit.
  9. Hi all, I've just put together a guide on passing the IM240 emissions test, and the engineering process having just gone through it with my Kraftwerks supercharged BRZ. The guide also contains the test procedure direct from EPA, which you cna supply to your tuner so they can simulate the actual test more accurately. I hope you guys find this useful and it saves you some time and hassle. Guide Here Cheers.
  10. Hi all, This week I put together a bit of a guide based on the research and learning I did before adding the Kraftwerks Supercharger kit to my car. In the guide I attempt to answer the most common questions and areas that require consideration. I also address the age old Turbo vs. supercharger argument, and address different types of supercharger and their pros and cons. GUIDE HERE
  11. You can purchase from www.forgedperformance.com.au I'm running the full suite of Cyberstork rings
  12. Hi all, I've just finished installing my BlackVue DR550GW-2CH and T-Power C UPS. Here's a video of the process, as well as my tips and tricks on how to do it properly, without effecting airbag operation. I hope you find this useful.
  13. ...or not. Apparently the dealership don't have it after-all. I'll get it on Monday. lol
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