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  1. Hi Ollie, Firstly I apologies for the delayed response I have simply been traveling the US and only now getting back into a routine. Anyway as for the throttle body spacer I would suggest it's perhap more an aid to not stress the intake piping as with the intake spacers they increase the distance the pipe has to go and therefore this just gets the connection closer. I may upset some when I state that I dont believe there is a performance benefit at all. Remember here your playing around air/fuel and the pressures these come together so a simple bolt in and I got POWA mentality is highly doubtful. A good reputable customized tune gets your whole system working well together so that's always on the table as a must do. I would head in that direction once you feel you have the performance mods in place.
  2. And just of late I finally found a set off rims I just love. They are the Works Wheels D9R in glim silver. Size 18 x 8.5 +38 offset wrapped in ku39 kuhmo's. I am not a fan of the stretch look so these are in 235/40/18 and fit quite nicely. Please note that I am currently still stock height for now, but here are some shots.
  3. Ok so next came my sound system courtesy of Auto One Browns Plains. They are a great bunch of people whom genuinely get a kick out of seeing their customers builds. Anyway they helped to source and install my DB Audio system of many components. I will edit later these components but here are some shots (ps the amp mounting is all my design and is mk1)
  4. Hi all, Sorry I have been a bit quiet since my last post. I did say slow build though :-) I guess the slowness is more about the costs of these follow on mods but I can say that I will be posting something new here shortly. Until then, happy drivin
  5. Zztb6 next time your under the car take a look at the gearbox if you want some comfort of a Toyota branding :-) Otherwise yes the cars a Subaru as manufactured and a Toyota as developed.
  6. Every time I see these wheels zoe000 I get so jealous lol. They just look so bloody good. Next club day be sure to carry some spares as I will be bringing the jack :-)
  7. Hey fizzix, Yeah it's your call on that one as it's usually around September / October you will start seeing the latest offering. The new version will be a my16 2015 build. The current my14s have the shark fin antennas and a few other nicities which is the current model. If they were early 2014 then they are the my13s which recieved the complimentary boot lid spoiler the BRZs were running and is the model I am running. So it personal preference here. hope this helps :-)
  8. Header gaskets are pretty much easier to get going to your Subaru performance shops. I think they are equivalent to the WRX gaskets, oh and ask for grimspeeds
  9. Hey Rick have you put a request on the Facebook page as if so I will pm an admin for you
  10. well I have been quite for a bit, but just after Xmas I recieved word my custom painting was completed. A big thanks to Coopers Custom Creations, I think they channeled my inner ricer quite nicely :-)
  11. Love your work. Love the comparisons you made to stock.
  12. Hey Lj it was the same for me. I was new to the boxer engine and forum scene. There is a tonne of content here to read. Oh and enjoy the wait. Hehe
  13. As expected a few days after the header install I got my first CEL off the secondary o2 sensor so it was off to visit the legendary Coyote Tuning at Albion for his 98ron canned tune. I found Mr Coyote to be very knowledgable and friendly to chat with. He even detected something unrelated to his work and on later investigation I found it to be true. That was a great save on his behalf and in truth he could of said nothing and let it go as my issue. Anyway while I was happy with the outcomes of my work to date, I will have to express my gratitude and heart felt glee at what his canned tune has done to my girl in that now she breaths better (K&N drop in filter), responds to the touch exceptionally and is emitting (exhaust) rather unlady like and how I love it. Hehe I can only imagine what the dyno tune will do given this base and so will look into that in future. :-) Thanks again Coyote Tuning. No photos on this sorry
  14. Finally I got the headers and overpipe to Competitive Coatings Queensland and they did an exceptional job on both with the ceramic coating. I opted for a polished silver finish and while these area unlikely to be seen I simply wanted to carry the stainless steel look throughout the system. Given my trepidation with the O2 sensors, I also thought it best to get the install done by the pro's in this case 999 Automotive in QLD. Great bunch of guys Adam and Co. as is witnessed with how much the QLD BRZ/86 Owners Club members utilise their services. It turned out that perhaps I my trepidation was unfounded and is something that can be done yourself if you do it right. Anyway here are the headers and overpipe that are now on my girl.
  15. Haha classic, to coin a phrase as happy as a pig in mud. Lmao. I saw on Nafes post you were there. Lol cars got so dirty and your face tells the full story.
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