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  1. do it once, do it right... decent amp, decent splits tweeter bouncing off the windscreen could sound harsh, get a set of splits with a DB- on the crossover to dial it out or do what i did, make up speaker pods for the A pillars (i'd never done it before and found it quite simple with google/youtube) and put the tweeters up high (you will still need to dial out some DB as it is not far away from your ears at that height)
  2. As described above, the car does not 'lock itself'. I believe (but cant confirm) it will lock itself if you unlock the car but dont enter it then walk away but if you open the door it will stay unlocked. Welcome for the helpful response though.
  3. Its a whatchamacallit... it plugs in to the whoseywhatsit to get the required 1.21 jigglywatts to go 88mph i may be wrong, a pic would help me decide
  4. Depends how you drive the car, what you are looking for, etc
  5. Sorry mate, havent been on here for a while. Have you tried the instructions above?
  6. I am also an AM listener however I use digital where possible. I don't have a shark fin but have never had any issues with AM reception or interference.
  7. stock is catted yes? getting EPA'd for removing cats in AU = big fines (don't quote me but i have heard $2000/cylinder)
  8. Not sure what the price comparisons are these days but when I was looking, the BRZ cost the same as the GTS or close enough to (mid-late 2013) and I got 3 years of free servicing for the BRZ
  9. If you taking restrictions out of the exhaust (especially if close to the turbo outlet), you open yourself up to overboosting. Do you need a retune? How long is a piece of string, you might get away with it, you might not. Better to be safe than sorry if you ask me.
  10. From memory there is a gromet on the passenger side i pushed through for my 4 guage power led for my amp, i pulled the carpet back a bit in the passenger footwell to get to it
  11. So as someone who is pretty sympathetic to the engine doesnt ring the clacker out of it, what would peoples opinions be of the supercharger vs turbo charger? I usually change gears sub 4000rpm and rarely go out to redline but would like the power on tap when i feel like it (but once again, not at wanting that power to just come in about 3000 rpm)... im not one for 'peaky' power, would like it across the range or a fair chunk of the range.... thoughts are welcome.
  12. wow.. you just went right ahead and made this post everywhere... i think you might have missed a sub forum or 2
  13. TV reception in cars is never very good from what i've ever seen but would be interested in how you go
  14. Go 3 ways, get the tweeter up on the A Pillars and enjoy Even if you have 2 way components, i would recommend getting the tweeter up on to the A Pillars
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