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  1. Nice notes on the mirrors.. Will have to look at adjusting mine further. On a side note, have you ever tried going through a drive through and found that you just can't see the window person? haha. Car is just low enough that my sight of them is where the roof is. Have to climb halfway out the window
  2. Goose

    Beeping noise

    Ahahaha I was thinking this too. I've had the same issue when giving the baby a sponge bath and brazillian - ended up just using phone and headphones
  3. I haven't but if you set a day/time to go, I'd be interested in going for a cruise to check it out
  4. I just attempted to put a how to in the DIY area but when i hit post, it seems to have gone into the ether.. My motication to re-type it all is pretty low. Let me know if you're thinking of doing this and I can make another attempt later haha.
  5. There's not much to this, but at the request of Zach I've thrown this real quick guide together. 1. Pull off the cover - I used a nice wide flat headed screw driver and wrapped the head in a cleaning cloth (so as not to scratch anything and gently wedged it into the small gap (found the best one on the drivers side bottom corner) and pried it off. 2. There are 4 bolts which hold the unit in place (red arrows pointing to them in attached pic). I used a socket wrench and a 10mm socket with long handle attachment which is good for reaching the bottom ones which are set in a bit and harder to get at. Undo them all and pull the unit out and rest it on the Gear stick with all the wires attached still. 3. On the side of the unit (no pic sorry) the brackets which hold the unit in place have 4 more bolts (4 on each side). I removed them with an 8mm socket I think? 4. Re-attach the side brackets onto the new head unit so it's ready to go. 5. Take a photo (or use mine) so you can see where each of the wires/connections goes and un-clip them all and lay them out in a sensible order so they're easy to reconnect. 6. remove old unit, and put in the new one, reattaching all the connections. There are 2 connections that aren't directly into the back of the box, they were wrapped in plastic for me. Leave the unit in the same position (resting on top of gear stick). 7. Take the magnetic GPS areal and reach inside the compartment up to the left and find a metal strut that is running in there to stick it to (this is up to you where to put it, but when i put it in originally on the actual box, it didn't have good reception at all - missing by a street all the time). 8. Plonk it all back in and re-bolt it up and put the face plate back on. Simple as.
  6. Ah ok great 86-BRZ - I might try that, the reception works, but it's a bit hit and miss so far - tells me I'm driving on a street over haha. Driving on Coro drive and it says the speed limit is 50km/h and that I'm on an inside street somewhere... Might be worth pulling it out and relocating that areal I guess. Yeah you too Coyote, all good mate - might see ya at a meet up of some kind at some point
  7. Picked it up this arvy and have just finished installing it. Thanks Coyote Not very difficult at all, you're correct. I put the magnetic GPS arial on the side (towards the back) of the unit as the connection is out the back of the unit and I didn't want the cable running in the car anywhere. Seems to pick up signal OK when I took it for a test run - is that where you all have it (somewhere like that)?? I also wasn't sure about the metal Y-clamp thing on the right - didn't see an obvious spot for it and possibly just part of the video in connector for reversing camera attachment I would guess? I took a couple of pictures if anyone's interested I can bang together a pretty rough 'how-to' though since it is so easy probably not worth it.
  8. I could be interested... May I ask what you didn't like about it or why you decided to go for an aftermarket one? Also, I have a GT - does it all just hook up and work with all features easy - you said you've done it before 86-BRZ?
  9. Goose


    It works on the GT, what they don't show you in the video is that you can only do it when your key is turned part-way on. So key in, turn the key but no ignition yet then use the ODO button to get to the G-on or something like that and toggle it on from off and away you go. I've got a GT and it worked for me. Haven't been able to set the revs manually though it might be possible - I've not had a really good look. Supposedly there is one mode for 'economy' which I think is what mine defaulted to, then another where you can set a custom one. Give it a go and see if that works mate. https://www.toyota.com.au/static/vehicles/86/content/pdf/OM18023E.pdf (page 165 in here )
  10. Goose


    I remember that day well Half my office was asking me daily 'Has it changed'. I lost my mind when it finally changed haha. Awesome mate.
  11. What a joke, that sucks man. Just taking sufficient evidence with you and demonstrating it should be enough I should think/hope?
  12. Hey Zero00 - missed your post initially, just found it now! That sounds like a pretty nice route. I did another Nebo/Glorious run this afternoon (saw a white 86 with one of those massive spoilers on my way back). Starting to get a better feel for the car and having loads of fun with it. Will have to jump in on a run if you're doing this route some time to see how it all goes.
  13. Seems to be so many varied responses to this question which I also have... There's no recommendation in the user manual that I could find though a lot of people say not to take it over 4k before at least 1400 or something like that? I came across this in my searching which people might find useful too: https://www.toyota.com.au/static/vehicles/86/content/pdf/OM18023E.pdf (user manual in pdf format).
  14. <troll> hahaha I love what you did with the paintwork there Blueboysixnine. That custom plate sets that look off nicely too. </troll>
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