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  1. So I reckon the LSD and Final drive have been in the car for a bit over a month and its really starting to settle in nicely. The LSD crunches the wheels nicely when going round corners and is brilliantly point and shoot when sideways. The final drive is the best thing I've done to the car yet, gets that engine in the zone that much quicker. All in all I damned happy Caldine - thank you mate.
  2. I have heard of the car bra's abrading the paintwork due to slight movements during the trip though.... Its a tough choice, but I would imagine Vinyl wrap would protect the best. Yeah some stones might get through, but the majority wont. I'm considering getting vinyl wrap on the front of mine too - every time I park it in a car park, some clown rubs their car against the bumpers. People's cars are like freakin cats rubbing up against your leg! Shits me to tears.
  3. Shit, I got to 5 hours 32 minutes, but couldn't take anymore! How does it end?
  4. Surfing Youtube on a quiet Monday night and came across this old school gem: http://youtu.be/v--IqqusnNQ Grr, cant embed youtube? Anyway.... The dude was a hardcore acid tripper - check out the different dialated pupils.
  5. Yeah, ok, but you could probably have done something with the....um.......hrm. Roof liner? Its about the only thing left on it thats stock. Great post and the car look shit hot. It's great to see, this is what I reckon Toyota had in mind when starting the project, build and awesome daily driver that is also a blank canvas for those who want to personalise. Get away from that Camry image. Good on you too though mate, its your experience that will help shape a lot of businesses and also provide a goal for those looking to upgrade, like myself, although I'm not brave enough to funk with the engine just yet, my warranty is too important to me. Are you doing anything with the Final Drive/LSD? Its also great to see that this can be used as a daily driver, I followed you up Ann St in the city the other day and it didn't look like cop bait. Well cool. These are two of my most potent hates at the moment - Trying to get TRD parts or ANY aftermarket parts from Toyota Australia is bloody difficult, thats what comes from having little or no aftermarket experience in the past few years. And that Navigation thing. I could shoot someone over that.
  6. Not to belittle anyone's experience, but this is exactly what happened on PSB - Perthstreetbikes.com. You're always going to get a differing of opinions when it comes to facebook and forums, it always happens. It takes a lot of understanding from both groups to keep moving forwards, It also sometimes takes the Banhammer. Lets all just shake hands and grow up.
  7. I'm going with the 4.556 - a step up from the standard 4.1. I just find with the 4.1 I'm always cruising in 4th - 5th just isnt "torquey" enough. I'll keep you guys posted as to how much difference it makes.
  8. Harro


    +another 1 for Steve, did another great job on my roof!
  9. Yeah, being new to Brissie I'm still finding my feet in respect to decent mechanics who will do a good job. Its not so much about the cost, but about the quality of work. For the record, Perfourmance Motor Sports are closed until the end of November, so I'll go with Ray at Western Suburbs Differential & Gearbox. As you said Coyote, he said straight up he's never done one before, but that it can't be too tough, I like the honesty there and I don't mind for my vehicle to be the guinea pig. Its also relatively close to Carina Heights so a bit of a win there. Good chat .
  10. I tell you what, you guys are one of the most helpful bunch of forum dwellers I've had the pleasure to deal with, thank you.
  11. Hey all, Once again I am bowing to the colllective wisdom of the 86 Forums - I am looking for a reputable business in the Brisbane area, one whom I can trust, to change the Diff and the Final Drive in my 86. So far everyone who has been recommended by this forum to do work on my car has turned out well, so fingers crossed this trend continues. Cheers!
  12. 0W20 is the oil viscosity stated in the Toyota Manual. I took some 0W40 Mobil 1 to Toyota to do my oil change and they refused to use it, saying the oil grade was incorrect.
  13. Hello mate, Just flung you an email - any of these bad boys left? To be honest I don't care that much for the LSD, but higher ratio this car badly, badly needs. Might as well go the whole hog eh?
  14. Reviving a bit of an old thread here, but has anyone updated their maps yet, short of going to Toyota? Its not so much the maps I have a problem with, its more the places. I have a Bunnings about 5 km from my place, yet it always wants to send me to one 15 km away. Car got issues!
  15. Count me in - I have that Monday off and a new 86 to give it a fling around the track. Schweet, Trackdays on the CBR1000 on the Sunday, 86 on the Monday!
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