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  1. Would you take 250 including shipping to brisbane?
  2. Hi All, I am just wondering if anyone has actually gone baout the caliper painting job themselves, (other than Emilio, i know you have done yours). If so how did you go about it:? I bought the can of paint from Supercheap auto. Do you just take the wheels, off, and paper around the caliper and do 3/4 coats? Photos would be appreciated if anyone has them. In terms of the tail Lights, I am after the blackout effect. How do you go about tinting your own tail lights? Thanks Tim.
  3. Hi there new member, Tim's the name So my questions are; What is owning an 86 like? - Bloody brilliant. They are an AMAZING motor car, i havent had any 'performance' cars previosuly. but this is an awesome car. not too much power.. but handles like a dream. I do reccomend. How well do they handle (steering, suspension etc)? - handling is where this car trumps in my opinion. You can whip it around a mountain, and not worry about it. they hug the road, and you get the fantastic boxer burble at the same time. Does the 86 lack power or could it benefit from some form of injection? - Yes, it does lack power.. And more power is always good. but i didnt buy this car for power. if you are looking for power, could be the wrong car for you. Is the 86 a bullet proof unit or does it need to be treated gently? - Pretty tough. I just wrote my old one off and now have a new one, but they are pretty robust. Is owning an toyota marque version better/worse than a subaru marque or is there any benefit in either? Unless you want a subaru badge, no difference. Brz only has one model, not two as far as im aware. TOYOTA > BRZ. Which is better value for money, the GT or GTS? - GTS for sure. the standard spoiler, leather seats, sat nav, and larger wheels, also the push start. make a difference. Thoughts on buying new vs second hand? - New, car hasnt been thrashed, and you get new car warranty in full.
  4. adn there is a cost involved in ordering cars from the factory, that comes out of the margin.. not out of the dealers fun money, we dont get shipping for free.
  5. Just thought i would weigh in on this. I am a car salesmen myself, i have been selling brand new cars for 3 years now.. I called around, and got told the same thing.. If you would like I am happy to make some calls for you mick, dont fly down to brisbane to ''Look''. You need to shop over the phone, make a few calls, and just say hey i got a price of this much from another dealer, and see what their response is.... if you get a DUMBSHIT salesmen, he will drop his pants, and offer to match the price.... but be careful when he and if he does this, he could say, WHAT IF. i can, not ;''I CAN''.. so tell him if he says what if, that you are happy to give him a credit card deposit, but you want the qoute emailed to you in writing. that way you can do a deal and be sure of it. I can vouch, and say that usually factory order cars yes, dealers are not negotiable. simply because otherwise it will end up costing them more to order the car in than the profit they are actaully making. some may now say, you always make money no matter what the price, bullshit. there ARE margins, and we cannot lose money to sell a car, their are different bonuses on cars too. sometimes some dealer will come in MUCH cheaper on a brand new car, than others.. this is also because maybe the car is what we call, ''pre reported'' which is when they have stock coming from the factory, and are shire of sales target, they will report a car as sold to the dealkership, and start the new car warranty on it.. this allows them to use a demo bonus on it, which bassicly gives it more margin than a new car without being reported. hope this helps..
  6. Yes one for me please. Where and when do i send the money???? JUST TAKE IT!!!
  7. i paid 30k brand new gt with mats. its not what you know its who you know.
  8. Timmy86


    < WoW, Currently raiding in ascension, oceanic #2
  9. Mikalow, Yes you are correct. It is bigger than the blackvue. But i know it is cheaper as far as i know? Correct me if i am wrong. I have actually got this on my 86, I used to have my go pro in the car, but the go pro's life battery lasts about 3 hous recording. and if its off (on standby, it dies within a few hours) i charged my go pro up, got to burleigh to go surfing, and it was dead. so yeah.. i got one of these. couldnt justify getting the blackvue.
  10. Hi All, I have got access to dash cams via one of the guys at my work is a chinese fella who sells dashcams for all vehicles. He sells them bassicly as an accesorie when people buy the new cars. FULL 1080P $350 he reckons. has got a back screen too. can also have a front cam and rear cam as far as I'm aware. If anyones interested hit me up in this post or in a prvate message. TD3 Brochure-1.pdf
  11. Hey guys, really keen on painting my calipers on my RED GT. Any ideas as to How i go abvout this? do you spraypaint them or plastidip them or? What would tbe best color be? thinking red or yellow?
  12. Hawk, It came out fabulous. Never can be too thick. However do do it with the garage CLOSED. no wind is good. im very happy with the outcome.
  13. First coat. Going to wait 30 mins or so and of the second coat.
  14. Folks, Sorry If I came off very rude, Not my intention, All i am saying, is that the first time people sit their license, Why do the majority of people fail? Because the know that it is a revenue raiser. they KNOW that people will walk away from being failed for the first time saying ''it was just my first time'' but then they get another 300 bucks or so out of them, licensing, driving school test, etc etc. Its a whole corrupt system I feel in many ways. But then again I am very opinionated. As for driving unlicensed?? Yes I agreee, It isnt the whole being pulled over and fined thing, its the whole what if you're being and idiot and wipe someone out and financially screw them. I understand whole heartedly. Anyways, im loving my car. Its great fun!
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