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  1. Hi Guys Quick update on this! We would like to thank you all so much, we have had 19 people respond, via facebook message, text, email, PM on here, and even a couple phone calls! We knew this would be a popular promo but did not expect a reaction like this, again thank you all!!! Our stock now has a firm arrival date into Brisbane of October 14th. Once we get it into the warehouse, we will contact everyone again who has spoken to us on a first come basis. Even better though, we have decided to do TWO promo setups now, instead of just the one so there is an even greater chance that you will get in. Again, thank you so much, and we will be in touch with you all in the next couple weeks. Keith & Alan
  2. Hi Guys We are looking for someone based in Brisbane who may be interested in getting an Ultimate Racing exhaust on their car to help us with Promos. Please give me a call, 0424754480 or PM if you are interested. Thanks! Keith
  3. Just a heads up for those who haven't seen our previous threads Our facebook page is now up and running, with plenty of information on products we sell, and also any great deals we come across we feel that our loyal followers may be interested in. Almost every Friday we run a Crazy Friday Special with unheard of deals we work out with our suppliers. I suggest you check it out, you never know, you may come across something that you just have to have! You will find us over at www.facebook.com/AKRacingAus And remember, and questions no matter how small, feel free to email, call, pm on here or facebook! Check out the 'Contact Us' thread for all that info. Thanks guys, Have a great weekend! Alan & Keith AK Racing
  4. Hi Guys Just a quick update to let you all know that our facebook page is now up and running. You can check it out over at https://www.facebook.com/AKRacingAus You will notice that the Special prices on there for the Ultimate Racing exhaust for the 86 is slightly higher than what we have advertised in our thread on here. We want to look after 86forums members and would love some of the first exhausts coming in to go to you guys! As always though, if there is anything else you want for your 86, or any other car you have, just ask us! Thanks again Keith
  5. Back again Aidos! In the not too distant future, we may have an option for an over pipe and front pipe for the 86! We are talking with a manufacturer and will have more info in a couple weeks. I will post up here again once I know more. Keith
  6. Finally have an answer from the tech guys, apologies for the delay! Unfortunately the Over and Front pipes are only confirmed for a LHD fit at the moment. As soon as we know more we will post up here. Keith
  7. Another good question! I can't see a problem with this, as it hasn't been reported to me, but I will talk to our tech guys in the morning and should have an answer for you shortly. I would rather know 100% before I say a definite answer for you
  8. Good question Aidos! Before we decided to take UR up on their offer to become their Australian Dealer, we did quite a bit of research, not just into who they are and what they sell, but also their competition, to see what they were making, and of what quality and sound. After many many late night conversations with their sales manager John (Our mid night is their 10am!) we are more than satisfied in the R&D that UR put into their products. They have made claims of 7-9 wheel hp gain from this exhaust, and with the addition of the resonator almost no cabin drone. We believe this is the best exhaust available for the 86 and BRZ. Just a quick video of an 86 with the 3" exhaust, however the model in the video shown does not have the resonator. Any other questions, please keep them coming! Thanks again, Keith
  9. Alan [email protected] Keith [email protected] All Sales Enquiries [email protected] Pickup Address Unit 3 3 Deakin St Brendale, QLD, 4500 Phone Contact (07) 3889 8686 Facebook (Now up and working!) fb.com/AKRacingAus Bank Payment Info Bank: Westpac Australia Branch: Strathpine A/C Name: AK Racing B/S/B: 034-077 A/C No.: 406573 **PLEASE** Use your full name as the reference for all transfers.
  10. Hi Guys, welcome to AK Racing. Thought we would start off with a little bit about who we are, and what we do. We are a Brisbane based company who specialise in the tuning of Mitsubishi Evolution and CJ Lancers, with tuning for the 86 right around the corner! We are also now the exclusive Australian Distributor for Ultimate-Racing exhausts and performance parts. We have just placed our first order with UR and are expecting stock to arrive in Brisbane around mid October. We have the following systems ordered with a great special for 86 forums members. 3" Dual Exit Catback Exhaust - Resonated to remove highway drone Quality 304 Stainless Steel Piping 3" Mufflers with straight through design Complete Bolt-On design for RHD vehicles 4" Single Wall Straight cut tips Pick up in Brisbane (Nation wide freight available, PM us with your address for a quote) $1138 with Tax Invoice and Full UR 5 Year Warranty. The above exhaust can also be ordered with 4" Titanium Single wall tips for an extra $200 **All prices we quote are in Australian Dollars unless stated otherwise. (Titanium finish shown in the pic below). Along with the Exhausts, AK Racing wants to be your first port of call for all items you need for your car. Filters, Fluids, Brake pads and discs, Headlight globe upgrades, and anything else you can think of. You want it? We'll get it! Just ask! Any questions you have, feel free to post up, PM, Email, or Call us! We are new to this forum, so be gentle haha! Thanks for your time Alan and Keith AK Racing Unit 3 / 3 Deakin St Brendale, Brisbane, 4500 [email protected] (07) 3889 8686
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