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  1. I am scheduled to get mine from Brighton Toyota on October the 18th. I would be keen if its after that date obviously!
  2. They originally tried to sell me the tint and paint protection for $1700, then $1400, now $1200. It just show how much fat is in the deal.
  3. Hi witha-y Yeah this helps a bunch. Im heading down to see them about my trade in price soon. they have said that they cant lock in a price till my GTS arrives which kinda frustrates me. I know what you mean about the conveinence side of things. Its just so much easier to get all doen in the one spot. I am looking at my finance options still. Toyota have okay rates and I got quotes 7.4 percent which I want to try and beat. Thanks for your info!
  4. Hi guys. I am Struggling to find an opti-coat dealer in Melbourne. I have been through the threads and see plenty in Sydney and QLD. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  5. Yeah that sounds like the go for sure. I have been trawling through all the posts, and I will go aftermarket for Tint and Opti-Coat. The quote of $1700 from my dealer is a bit over the top. I am consideing getting either parking sensors or the reversing camera installed though. I have seen some posts woith the parking lines on the reversing camera and they look not too bad. I know that this is where the dealers make all their cream though, but I have been chatting with the guys from Monster Importers here in Melbourne about getting a white TRD kit fitted to the car when it comes in. They have been awesome, and are planning to come down to the dealership to have it fitted there and then so I can drive off with it all done. The new rear wing that comes with the update production Toyoat 86 GTS looks like the BRZ one. I guess that they will just take this off when they are putting the TRD rear lip on.
  6. Hi hawk. Thanks for the advice. I'm definitely going to get aftermarket paint protection and tint. I will see what the finance comes in at as I have got a great quote at the moment that I can use as leverage. I have seen the two different arm rests now. I guess I don't really want to be screwing into the cars console right away though I think? So maybe the thicker one that sits in. It would be good it they had an arm rest the had a hinge at the rear to give both driver and passenger access to the underneath.
  7. Yeah great points. A cheap hire car would be fine for the interim. I have been reading through some of the threads and it seem that the sat nav is not great. Does anyone have much experience with the bluetooth wiht an iPhone? In my aftermarket kit for my subi the audio quality to the persaon I was talking to was pretty bad. Im hoping that perhaps the GTS is a step up froom that. Thanks, GM
  8. Thanks everyone. Really helpful. I know they have got me by the nkackers and I will try sell the suby privately latwer this week perhaps. the hard bit is that I need the suby for work until the 189th of october. I will certainly chechout the other threads as I have seen opticoat mentioned a bit now. Cant wait now. I do want to get a centre console armrest too and have been looking at those threads too. Cheers
  9. Hi All, I'm new to this forum and have just placed my deposit for a cancelled customer order. The order is a Manual, White, GTS. I live in Melbourne. The car is scheduled for delivery on October the 18th. Im getting stoked already! But my car knowledge is slightly lacking Questions? The dealer is offering me for $1700 street legal tint and X-Pack high gloss paint protection. They want me to decide very shortly. is the paint protection worth it? It would be easy to just bundly into my finance package though. Also, I have a 2008 subaru WRX that I will be looking at trading in if I cant sell privately prior to the delivery of the new 86. Are they going to screw me with the trade-in? They have given me an indicative value that pretty low, and I worry that they will chop that even further come trade in day? Any experience out there? And finance? who has used the dealer for finance and are they happy? Thanks a bunch as it's happened very quickly.
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