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    Putting the Deposit on my GTS 86 by 25 December.
  1. Just chasing a link to a recommended o2 spacer. Using PSR UEl Headers, installing them soon and want an o2 spacer as in the past I have had issues with UEL throwing code for the gasses.
  2. Hey everyone, Just about to install PSR UEL Headers onto the car, long story short I had an 86 before this one with the same headers on it. That car was throwing the check engine due to the o2 sensor. This time around, I am wanting to purchase the o2 spacer and install at time of exhaust installation. Here is my problem, I'm a little unsure of which o2 spacers I can buy, are they just all interchangeable on all spec cars? Does the 86 have a specific sensor fitment? If anyone has a link to an o2 spacer that worked for them that would be greatly appreciated.
  3. Wanting to just powder coat my stock gts rims. Looking for a place that comes with high reviews, and good experiences. Thanks in advance.
  4. Thats horrible mate. The salesperson must not know how to sell cars. I got a 2014 gts manual for $38k drive away, and I was pretty happy with that personally. This is from a Toyota Dealer in South East QLD.
  5. I dont know what it was about this, but I couldn't stop laughing
  6. Sounds awesome. Will be watching closely as a few of the items you have listed I am interested in doing myself. But this is only my second car and I have barely touched a car in regards to modifications. Also got me hands on a 2014 VO GTS, had it for 2 weeks now, she is due for her first months free service on 21st. Have mudguards (Toyota spec) on their way from Canada. Painted me calipers Orange, and have sexy shiny Tyre valves haha. But can't wait to watch your car come together, hopefully I'll be able to leach some knowledge of your experience and not have to learn a few things the long way. Enjoy the fresh car
  7. The best way to get a good price, is on the day deals. When you arrive, and the sales bloke/woman realizes you are finance ready and buying a car today. They will try to keep you there, cause they wanna earn commission. Just wear some decent clothes, have your finance sorted (If any) and be able to put down a $1,000 deposit on the day. I simply told the bloke I was going to go to the next dealer over and getting a price from them as well, after speaking to him. Told him my finances were sorted and a deposit was happening that day, and bam, a good reasonable price all of a sudden springs from their lips. Decent clothes, be ready to purchase, don't let em force you to sign on the spot, you can take a copy of the contract home and have a read over night if you feel more comfortable. Oh and just be nice to the sales person, being polite goes a long way with most people. I don't sell cars, I sell houses, but those are my tips, worked for me. May be worth a shot man. Best of luck though, let us know what deal you get.
  8. I got my 2014 GTS without aero pack for $37,000. (Aero pack is 3,000 ? i think isn't it?) I never had the sales rep give me the supply and demand issue response. I'm also on my P Plates, so being young I think some times sales people think we're bit less clued on to what a good deal is. I think you can easily get that price down a little mate, if not maybe another dealer will.
  9. Yeah Been driving around for exactly two weeks tomorrow. The car is amazing to drive, went for a drive out to Jacobs Well, through the fields. Great big sweeping bends through the (sugar cane?) fields, worked myself up to 100km round a corner. Did that run the day I picked it up. Since then I've done 1400km and loved every single kilometer of it!
  10. Wow thanks a lot for the offer Ferdie. I actually spent a few hours bumming around on the internet today and ordered some from overseas Toyota, (Think it was Canada) for cheaper than $100. If only I had waited, damn my patience haha. Thanks again though Ferdie.
  11. Just got my 86 last Monday. Being out in the Scenic Rim, dirt roads are pretty popular so i thought I'd go to the dealer after two days of driving around and ask to purchase some Mudguards. I am told by the bloke that they don't sell mudguards for the 86. I found this weird seeing how you guys purchased them. I understand there is about two years gap here, but I didn't expect them to stop making a few bits of plastic. Any suggestions on places I could buy some? Or a brand that people find very reputable? I quite like the look of the small black ones Ferdie has on. Thanks guys.
  12. Got a call yesterday, was very exciting. Was told that my car arrived at the dealership! Get to pick it up Monday afternoon yay
  13. I only have $1,000 down for the deposit, rest on hand over. Had done a test drive earlier (2 months ago). Bren I have not yet paid for this protection pack, but I have been doing research on the local places and it is looking like I can get the stuff done elsewhere for cheaper as you stated. The price worked out to be about $550 cheaper if I got it done elsewhere.
  14. Walked into the dealer on Thursday last week. Sat down with the salesman, I said, "You can sell a car here in 15 minutes if we have the number sorted out in 10" He offered me a 2014 build, velocity orange gts manual for $38,000 drive away. I then got the paint protection (xpeke), darkest legal window tint on all windows, and interior protection (all with lifetime warrenty) for $1,900. (this is paid seperately) I thaught it was great, and we did it in 15 minutes. Then signed contracts for another 15 minutes.
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