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  1. so im in the process of getting a pair of te37 and s1r and my question is. is it legal to have two different styles of rims on my car? because iv had people say that they need to be the same tyre size and rolling diameter.
  2. if your willing to part out ill pay for the coilovers?
  3. ** Melbourne Only** selling; Rocket bunny front lip vinyl wrapped matte black $500 Rocket bunny side skirts vinyl wrapped matte black $500
  4. say i bought the non wide body rocket bunny kit. say i got defected for it. how would i go about clearing it. what would the best approach be to removing the kit and getting cleared or am i just shafted?
  5. eibach sportlines around $400
  6. just a tip you dont need to cover the tyre from the plasti dip over spray. when your spraying the wheels if you put a thick enough coat on the tyre you can actually just pull it of the tyre.
  7. might want to get a tampon for your car, if you get the car bra
  8. will the five ad lip fit with the oem spoiler installed as well?
  9. hey guys im selling my aero kit without spoiler. minor scrapes under the front lip from my driveway barely noticeable. make some offers, Melbourne only
  10. how much for the rear view mirror
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