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  1. Will do - at the 86 Street Sprints next year. As we are both running a similar E85 tune it should answer that question, though rolling diameter etc will be very different our respective time differences with the different tyres should be fascinating
  2. I use 235 tyres, but lakeside is high speed corners where 255 semi slicks would give even better times, as our cars rely on high exit speeds and maintaining momentum due to the limited power. I don't believe your extra Dyno power will translate to faster track times until you upgrade your fuel system - that's my opinion after 1yr of RnD. I'm looking forward to getting my 86Shop fuel system completed to facilitate the full benefits of the Coyoda FI
  3. One year later, car is going better than ever, even less WR left now 1. Josh agreed to use my car for further RnD of his MCA Reds - First job was to go back to the OEM sway bars (Adjusting spring rates will allow bias to be modified - allowing more independence of the axle) 2. Fitted the reds - car set some new records on QR and Lakeside with Josh driving - Z221 tyres are amazing, though I use R1R and find they perform well 3. Trialled different spring rates 5;6, 6;7, 7;8 settled on 6;7. 4. Consistent fuel surge on Clubman on turn 5 after one sprint session - Andrew Jeffcott agreed to use my car as an RnD vehicle - nturrently running 4th variation with holley mats and 2 pumps - better but not good enough. (note- Andrew went out and bought an 86 after driving mine - Coyoda Turbo going in very soon - Ideal fuel system = max power) 5. Surge tank will be fitted in new year - designed and fitted by Andrew Jeffcott at John French Motors 6. Ordered harness bar and harness 7. Changed pads to QFM A1RM from Brakes Direct (who also sourced modified and fitted new DBA front floating rotors - designed for a Dodge Viper) NOTE - In the process of developing the fuel system WOT power became dependent on pump size - there was never any knock, the car just went slower when a smaller pump was fitted, quicker with a stock pump and quickest with a 100% inc in pump flow. Is this why FI cars are generally not producing quicker lap times on the track? despite much higher dyno numbers.
  4. LOL Tony is definitely the man to see. Unfortunately when your honest and produce excellent results you will piss some people off. I wouldn't trust my car to anyone else Coyote tuned, E85, soon to be Coyoda turboed
  5. Not on track - thats around town with minimal highway driving - actual usage E85 seems to confuse the dash gauge
  6. I have owned WR86 for 1 year now and it has been a journey of discovery for myself and my car. The good: I have tracked this car at least once a month plus done motorkhanas, khanacross and one hill climb. The car came first in the "other makes" divisionin the MX5 Sprint days in 2014. Forged Buddy club rims - 17x8 (2 sets) wrapped with r888 and R1R Os Giken Clutch (if u can stand the rattle) Oil Cooler (behind drivers side DRL) XYZ brakes - with Willall Racing plate stuck over there logo! Castrol SRT Brake fluid Titanium Muffler xforge EL headers (not that WR will tell you that) 1. The Bad - what needed changing because what Willall Racing had fitted was basically inappropriate for the car or poorly installed LED lights, on the 2nd day of owning the car the fuse controlling ALL the lights kept blowing (very scary in the dark) - cause 14.5 amps going through a 15amp fuse - changed fuse to 20amps - FIXED Unfortunately WR siliconed the side markers onto the front bar - so far unable to remove the bar (as i don't want to break the side markers) 2. Went for a dyno day - had the LOWEST KW E85 powered 86 - somewhat disappointing as it had the "Willall Racing race tune" - I contacted WR about this as well - explained it has a speed density tune and could cope with the unbelievably STUPID CAI ram setup - where the MAF is in a big box - not a tube! The fix for this was a bit more complex: After discussion with Tony young (Coyote Tuning) who explained the cars ECU didn't have a clue what it was doing with regards to AFR (air fuel ratio) and I would need to change the CAI - I (foolishly) went for the injen CAI which is great unless u have an Oil cooler (after smashing a big dent into it and fabricating brackets - all good). 3. They used 10w40 engine oil - car ran better and improved fuel economy from 20L/100k to 18L/100k - this is a tight engine and this oil is just WRONG (WR were happy to sell me more though) 4. Had to flash the car back to stock then Tony Young flashed his canned E85 tune onto the ECU - Drove to his dyno to get a custom tune - The car was transformed immediately. The canned tune gave me 128rwKW (an extra 14rwKW) then Tony further tuned the car to give me 134rwKW. 5. The cars fuel consumption immediately dropped from 18L/100k to 9L/100k 6. The main "focus" of the WR tune seemed to be with the traction control which was now coming on a lot more (it may have just been that I was now driving a lot faster) and I also had to get the rev limiter raised back to 7800 7. I was a bit dubious about the suspension - rang WR to ask the spring rates (as it was only stated on the front springs) - usual rude and unhelpful response! 8. Spoke to Josh Coote and explained my predicament and we agreed on Josh using my car as a "test vehicle" for his Latest MCA Reds (non inverted daily driver and track orientated setup) 9. Replaced the whiteline front and rear sway bars with OEM sway bars - handling and traction improved IMMEDIATELY. Why would an apparently knowledgeable company like WR make such a rookie mistake? They are still happy to "tune" your suspension for you - I don't think they have ANY IDEA about an 86. Suspension fix has now transformed my car - the MCA REDS with the E85 Coyote tune and good brakes and tyres have now transferred the car into a fabulous and competitive sports car 10. Now getting surge after 5 laps of Clubman circuit when u start with a full tank - is this due to the second fuel pump WR have installed in the right side of the fuel tank? Willall Racing will not talk to me about this - I suspect this is another problem they have created with there "technical know how" If anyone else is getting surge problems on fast Left hand corners with an almost full tank please let me know The Ugly. The complete lack of support and honesty from Willall Racing - these are arrogant obnoxious people who "know it all" and when you question there measurable failures they shut the door on you They have a reputation to maintain - that means shutting out people who demonstrate their products need refining. I am sure they understand a GTR BUT they absolutely have NO IDEA about our cars - stay as far away from these people as possible
  7. Getting back to Oil and E85 - another sticky subject. Willall Racing put in 10w40 (?5w40)- on reflection they may have used this as there tune was SOOO rich, leading to dilution/thinning of the oil from the unburnt ethanol. This seems a bit weird but it is part of the argument for using the thicker oil with E85, my concern is that the oil will never be the right "weight/viscosity" 1. When you put the heavier oil in it IS too thick for these tight engines to allow the oil to transfer the heat from the engine to the cooling system efficiently 2. At what point is it going to be diluted adequately to be able to perform properly and for how long will it be "just right" 3. The WR86 was a rich tune as are some other tunes out there - apparently so oil dilution WILL be occurring (my last oil change - 4000k, oil SO black but no separation ) 4. My tune now uses a fraction of the fuel I previously used as the tune I believe is "just right" (re rich/lean)- I am now happy to use 0w20 oil (as my car goes faster with this) in the knowledge negligible dilution will occur and I will continue to change my oil every 4-5 months to keep the oil "just right" 5.If only it was that simple!!
  8. you are right - I would have zero interest in that kind of flexibility My car is now "moded" and I won't be changing anything for a while - so that i can see if i am improving a a driver with my track times - not even changing the suspension damping/tyre pressures etc
  9. If only it was that simple!! I know what i mean by that statement - but it is highly unlikely anyone else will that is part of the problem with this "text driven" communication, anyway it is better than nothing?
  10. In regard to the reason for this post : 1. Get the message out that WR86 tune is shit (achieved) 2. Generate a discussion about tuning enabling more people to find this thread (spreading the WR86 tune message) Questioning/generating a discussion about the OFT which I have not used personally is not calling it "shit". When someone questions something people use and believe in they may feel offended - overall now I think I have a better understanding of the OFT I am just lucky I had AND found a better option (for me) thanks 100% due to discussion threads like this
  11. the power difference between the Willall racing tune and Coyote tune is >12% (18kw) So in theory on the dyno day This car would now be making over 140rwkw on the 999 dyno. I am making the point about the track times and the huge increase in power I now have because I REALLY like it and I want to share this as I think everyone would want the maximum amount of power available the OFT dynos on that day were only 3-7kw above my CRAP tune I did not have the figures to beautifully demonstrate this so thx Wayno for your real, comparable and ?reproducible info
  12. AND when I contact Willall Racing about said tune they dismiss you as they know best Insisting there tune is totally amazing which is a blatant lie/misinformation If you guys are able to look at your tablet and know it is the bees knees that is great, I know i couldn't. I have got a pb at lakeside (66.0) which i have driven many times now (last time 1 week before the retune). IF I can beat this time it is 100% the tune which has given me a better time
  13. What IF the OFT tablet is a nice gadget BUT the tune is only 50% of what is achievable. Then with your "tweaking" you get it to 55-60% you have had fun, you have learnt something, you have improved your car from stock - BUT is that where your goals are for your car. I have just improved my Lap time for QR sprint circuit from 64.5 sec to 62.5 purely will a retune. Maybe it does not matter we are all having fun. All I wonder is what are your goals with an OFT and is it the best option (possibly for some the only option) Buyer Beware - I am sure Lord Monckton could sell most people an OFT
  14. They still believe it is fantastic and they are selling it as a canned tune through Harrop Engineering - WTF
  15. I bought WR86 from Willall racing - it had there ECUteck tune in situ and I really liked the car - Except as I got to know it I found a number of problems These have now been rectified - and in the process I have learnt the difference between perceived and real benefits/useful and useless modifications I started this post to highlight how people can be informed/misinformed (myself included- obviously), I do not think there is an easy answer as the people we deal with often have a vested interest and a product to sell I believe E85 is the best -most cost effective mod available for our cars, I just feel that there is a risk that people are buying OFT without being aware of potential local solutions (and the risks of "switching tunes"). The marketing on this "product" through forums and the like appears endemic - If this is a high horse - I apologise
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