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  1. Thanks for the concern guys but I don't go accusing anyone of anything so it's all good. Anything that is sold in any market place is worth what someone is prepared to pay for it
  2. Thanks for the info, however I mentioned "make your offers" so I assume people will offer me what they think is fair value if they are interested in purchasing them.
  3. I've placed an order on new wheels, so am selling my stock set (all 5 of them). Rims are in perfect condition, no gutters, scratches, marks whatsoever. Tyre tread is still very good, car has done 10,000kms. Let's set a price of $1,000. Make your offers if you are interested
  4. Hey guys, I'm organising Club Liberty's track day this year at Wakefield Park (it was held here last year as well) even though I now drive a Subaru BRZ. Posting this in here as I'd love to see more twins show up to this. Last year, a man named Pat in a Toyota 86 running a complete stock set-up was setting times as fast as the Liberty GT, WRX and Golf R drivers. He is a very good driver, but even so that is a good effort so would love to see more of this! Details Date: 11/08/2014 Location: 4770 Braidwood Road, Goulburn NSW 2580 Time: 8am for an 8:30am driver briefing, then we have the track to ourselves from 9am - 4pm. What you need - Enclosed shoes - Long pants - Long sleeve shirt - ADR approved helmet - AASA licence ($50) or CAMS 2S licence Indicative cost: 24 drivers - $290 each 28 drivers - $250 each 32 drivers - $220 each 36 drivers - $200 each We’ll be capping it at 32 drivers for now, depending on how we go. Interested: Rome_BRZ - Paid Leszek (Rome_BRZ +1) - Pending payment senator - Pending payment Jack_Keaka dr20t - Pending payment dr20t (+1 Skyline R32) dr20t (+1 LP640 Lambo) dr20t (+1 Lambo superleggerra) blacktop (in his lambo ) - Pending payment [iTS-STI] nickknack KiDo_Tuning RX_MY02 Stu coyote ez30rb - Pending payment swingn On2youliberty Manaz Manaz (+1 Focus ST) Deep Heat aekOne B4 Dave Aidan (B4 Dave +1) HyRax - Paid HyRax (+1 Ron - Impreza) - Paid satogixxer - Paid satogixxer (+1 Porsche) satogixxer (+1 Commonwhore) DeMobBoss DeMobBoss (+1 Skyline R32) DeMobBoss (+1 S15) DeMobBoss (+1 Hachi) Tony (370Z) Louey (C63) - Pending payment John (Lotus Elise) - Pending payment I am taking payments of $250, we need close to 28 drivers by the end of next week/mid the week after or I will have to consider cancelling it as I will be liable for the full track hire fee if it is cancelled after that date. The way we usually run the day is to have 4 groups of 6-8 drivers running 15 minute sessions all day, so you get a 15 minute session every hour approx. plus free sessions before and after lunch. It also usually empties out in the afternoon so if it pleases you there is potential to do back to back sessions until you have had enough Link to original thread: http://forum.liberty.asn.au/viewtopic.php?f=36&t=25397
  5. I would not get finance on a vehicle that you can't claim for work purposes. I claim mine, and the % use I claim for work purposes means that over a 5 year period, the car only costs me around $2-3k more than if I purchased it outright now. This is due to tax deductions etc. If the vehicle is for personal use, I would not get a loan on it as you are using borrowed funds to purchase a depreciating asset. Further I would go so far to say I wouldn't even buy a brand new car with cash money, as they lose most of their value straight off the bat. With the 86/BRZ this is not so much the case as you can't find any used ones for a decent price. Be patient and save your money. Your vehicle is a lifestyle decision so at the end of the day it's your decision, but weigh up where you could be in 5 years time if you hadn't taken out a loan for a new car. Also, I wouldn't get fiance through that guaranteed future value crap, you never win out. Shop around and do your research, and compare the end monthly repayment amount and residual amount left over on all finance options you consider, never compare the interest rate as it is meaningless when it comes to car finance.
  6. Exactly. Personally I don't like how far down the boot it sits vertically, but mainly because it would interfere with the SUBARU and BRZ lettering.
  7. Tom's taillights, beatrush antenna and window tint
  8. Damn where the heck did you get it so cheap, I got quoted like $500 unpainted
  9. How much did you pay for yours Andy and did it come painted?
  10. Garage 88 www.garage88.com.au
  11. I'm trying to make the same decision at the moment, for me it's a matter of approx. $150 difference in price, and also whether the TRD spoiler will actually fit without me having to relocate the SUBARU and BRZ badges...from the looks of pics I think they will need to be moved...
  12. PS it's an MY14, from what the dealer said there are not any significant changes, most obvious one being a sleek new rear view mirror, will post up pics
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