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  1. ahh more revenue raising its criminal they never cease to amaze love to know where it all goes as we don't see it do any good... and Vic is the worst compared to other states
  2. did somebody say DISTRUCTIONS ehh wa are they.. we men are logical thinkers and there is nothing a hammer kick or gaffa tape wont fix
  3. Welcome to the forum Kym nice choice love the red thumbsup! I also got the GTS and for me there was no trade off it just had to be
  4. pacs

    86 T-Shirts

    T-shirts arrived today thanks again Matty thunbsup!
  5. I'll try and shoot down to Kyneton this weekend Kris as I have been meaning to go check out a mates art gallery so its another excuse to go for a cruise and check out our options
  6. Too right Kris ! thumbsup So September it is with main gathering at Kyneton and then cruise to Hanging rock for picnic and meet n greet those coming from Melb could meet at either service station on the way out of melb depending on best route for them gathering at Kyneton between 10:30-11:00 then onto Hanging rock for lunch when setting the date we will need to see what events are already being held at Hanging rock in September I know they run a market there every month and as you mentioned if we get enough numbers we could arrange a roped off area for us all to park. I'll see what I can dig up online.
  7. Hi Timding where will this event be held at mate? any further news on the VIC club sites you mentioned are in development? keep us posted
  8. Nice so what would be the rough estimate of parts and labor that has gone into this car so far? always good to see a workshop using the products it retails in house on projects like these and the man hours that go into the final product keep us posted and try and log it all mate be interesting to see the final figures and the final product.
  9. very nice how do you find the current exhaust setup ygoslo any drone on the highway? I look forward to seeing your car in person some day its come along nicely I was showing miss your blog last night and she now wants the same wheels on ours
  10. Thanks Kris for the invaluable contribution they are all great idea's and I hope you get to drag hubby out for an 86 meet some time soon I think Kyneton would be perfect for the meet and the cruise to hanging rock for a picnic and those coming from Melb could have a set meet and cruise location as suggested or even the BP at Calder Park before departing for Kyneton There was word from a VIC member Timding that the VIC club currently Facebook based is putting together a specific forum and website though there does seem to be a lack of information regarding this currently as apparently you have to be a Facebook member to be involved or receive current meet information even though we have requested that they post here so others can join the events so this may eventuate over time we will just have to wait and see I think we may aim for September in hope of better weather and gathering a few more members interest as the picnic at hanging rock does sound like the best option presented so far cheers pacs
  11. Car is 1 month old today and clocked up over 3000kms and I sigh every time I have to drive either of the other cars we own I'm sure my facial expression is very child like when I sigh also though it has not worked the better half still says bye off you go lol
  12. Interested to hear what others have tested with as I know how big of a part pressures play in traction and control I'm always playing with them when offroad in the patrol and its amazing how dropping a few psi can get you out of a sticky situation and provide the extra traction required to climb a hill you were struggling on with ease I must admit car still feels the same as day 1 and I have not checked them so I best do that this weekend
  13. Nice work Kris I look forward to hearing your thoughts/review once its all in and done I'll await this feedback as I'm interested in going down this path also cheers pacs
  14. Oh well at least it caused some controversy and had a few interested heads turning and once you choose the zorst the heads will be spinning as you pull in to these meets
  15. Welcome to the forum mate and congrats on the new car I also look forward to viewing the photos
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