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  1. NO - and there are thousands of vehicles using double sided tape - I bought mine for $450 in a group buy about 2 years ago. mike
  2. welcome scott I am on the sunny coasr as well and there are quite a few of us around - most are on here and the qld 86/brz owners club to get most from our cars/cruises etc. enjoy your new toy and may see you on the 86 club site mike
  3. Zoe, it was noted your comments re cruises etc. and with recognition that what is posted on F/B falls off quite quickly matters are in hand (means we are doing it) to "cross reference" some material from F/B to Forums - most are members of both but there is obviously some not (I was one) who don't do face ache and the admin, trying to satisfy all, recognises this and for the benefit of the non face achers are paddling underwater as fast as we can (maybe piddling too) - all admin except myself have occupations/study to follow and I am a dick head when it comes to how to do things online - just wanted to let you know you were heard. You could actually join the Owners club to see all the events (about 5 including a dress up/down chrissy do) and never post or comment so you are using the site for information only - this obviously applies to all owners/cars ordered - this way all would be in the loop with all info at hand - give me a yell if that grabs you. mike
  4. coyote and kirst - with respect I said I apologised for fuck ups that haven't happened on my watch - I have also stated that there is new admin who are collectively doing their best to overcome past sins of who/what/why/where - I know not - however I do know I, and other new admin, have been busting a nut for the new direction the club wants to go - I don't get paid nor any other enticements to do what I do nor do other admin and I think to constantly be blamed for the sins of past admin is not some thing I wish to hear go on and on - ok some one fucked up - we come along trying to fix things of, lets face it, a few, out of around 200 members - can anyone suggest a ritualistic flogging or burning to allow the new admin to move on - what will it take to sate dissatisfied peeps - shall we all resign??? I find it difficult to show humility for something I haven't been associated with and whilst I have a pair I never will - again read my above and see I have apologised - jeez - how many times you want me to (bit frustrated here) kirst, I stated you were defrocked too early (have you ordered your car yet) and said the situation is now rectified - it is an OWNERS club and comments made by peeps they were glad to see you go is free speech and nothing to do with admin - I better shut up here - I cant follow your illogical elitist statement as it makes no sense to me - I am not elitist apart from I served with elite troops in the jungle in Vietnam - nor do I have an elitist car - its only tin and goes around corners nicely - buy/order your car, join the club if you want and become admin and do good - the admin are peeps like you there is no conspiracy theory - I guess I showed my frustration addressing it to all - coyote (tony) and I have spoken and an invite issued to him, the same as there was to Luke - I hope this brings to an end this brouhaha and I, and other admin, can get on doing our best. please have a look at who the admin team is and recognise there are changes - and I don't blame guys venting their dissatisfaction. mike
  5. I happen to be an admin for the face ache 86 owners club and put in quite a bit of time/effort into this role - I genuinely don't follow the some time undercurrent that occurs and recognise that in any group of people there will always be discontent - such as there has been on this site - the latest regarding F/B 86 owners club from my perspective is that an over zealous admin deleted a member when informed he was not buying a 86 - wrong maybe in regards to timing and I apologise for that even though I had nothing to do with it - right in that the person ceased to be an owner or prospective owner - the number of peeps applying that need to be checked takes time and I would ask members to be prepared to take on an admin position as they become vacant - it is easy to snipe from a distance whilst not contributing in any way in the growth of the club - there are, to the best of my knowledge, all new admin (and one fucked up in timing) and all are working toward organising events, club goodies, administration and affiliation with CAMS and other areas I have missed. One thing admin decided to do was try to rectify some "sins" of the past and peeps who were deleted for wrong reasons have been contacted and asked to rejoin - I for one am not going to bleat sorrow about the past as it happened not on my watch and I am doing my best to continue on with the rapid growth the club is experiencing. If anyone thinks they were shafted let me assure you the shaftee is no longer in a position to stuff up again - please support the new guys, I being one, and lets get on with the vibrancy and fun that the 86/BRZ OWNERS CLUB is experiencing - there are moves afoot, if not concluded, for a forum on this site for topics that come up and drop off F/B too soon so there is plenty to be positive about - ONE admin person did wrong - he does a lot of good work for the members and I ask - how much more empty bleating is going to go on - there is new admin - support it or shut up (oops maybe a bit strong) mike
  6. I have a pair of skirts on my 86 as I "lost" an aero one - to replace one genuine about $500 - a pair of these about $260 - I have not seen the TRD skirt but I think there is a slight difference in that the skirt from front wheel arch doesn't go all the way to the door - I think the TRD one does - this is not a problem as they still look great - I had to put a grommet in a hole not covered by this skirt which painted is not easily spotted and looks ok anyway. If you were not replacing an aero kit one you wouldn't have any holes. mike
  7. I can only hope that Luke's summation of events clears up past sins by ???? (not known) and gives clarity to what the 86/BRZ OWNERS CLUB has been created for and the direction the club is currently working on - it is work but obviously satisfying to admin members - I am one and agree with all that Luke has posted - please note it is an OWNERS club and be that pleasing or pisses of some that is what it is - it is only as good as members want it to be and your input is valuable - I join with Luke's sentiment that it's gotta be fun however I am pragmatic and recognise that occasionally some members may not be happy and, if that is so, encourage open communication with admin - I, personally, would like to see a rotation of admin to ensure there isn't any nepotism and, if accepted, will be one of the first to retire so please be prepared to put your hand up and accept responsibility for your club - mean time become a member and get your mates to join - it is really fun - see you on face ache. mike
  8. might be an idea to also swap the boot "dooflappers" due to the weight increase - there have been a few aero spoilers swapped and the new owner of the spoiler is reminded of not doing so every time he/she gets whacked in the head. mike
  9. I run 18's and consider 36 a bit low however am using Pirelli's - I change to 17 inch Michelins on the rear for drift days and run 40 psi to help with more drift - as I drive to the track with the Michies on and then home to change back to Pirellis i notice a lot of difference in both noise and quality of ride. mike
  10. try to balance the emotional/energy/time input this will need versus forgetting him and moving on putting your energy into being positive getting your car fixed - there are cretins in this world and I have found over the years seeking reparations kept me in a bad spot whereas forgetting the prick - letting go - and have a fun time getting the job done right. mike
  11. you may be an excellent driver mate but you sound like an accident waiting to happen - I too love drifting/sliding/tossing the car around but not on public roads - saying that I did have an off recently on obi obi road but it was one way - please be careful with your style of driving as I may be in the other car with my grand daughter on board - keep it for the track and seeing you are in Brisbane there are 5 events at Gympie prexmas - PM me if you want details. mike
  12. have held the CT auto parts skirts in place to ascertain fit - firstly the delivery was as described and prompt coming only from Sydney - the necessary fitting hardware was included - the skirts do not make the car "lower" but obviously the couple of mm under the car to fit is lower - be a close call to paint or not but I am choosing to do so to match the aero skirt front/rear - as the CT skirt pictured above shows the skirt from front wheel back to door only covers half the distance of my original aero kit one - this leaves one fitting hole not covered which I am going to rectify by putting a small rubber grommet in and painting it when the skirt (only need one but fitting two) is painted. I now have from my "fun" a spare aero pack side skirt - two GTS headlights and one grill - might hang onto them for next time! mike
  13. and I went around in auto humming nicely till a bollard leapt out and got me - Car did not like it... set of skirts from CT Auto in Sydney for half the price of ONE original skirt and a lick of paint and tickety boo. mike
  14. There may be differing policies for third party (not CTP) - beside insuring for fire and theft the policy can also or only cover for damage to the other car which means the cover is just below comprehensive in the degree of cover - some companies do not like issuing these policies and premiums are that close to comprehensive it is better to pay a bit more for that cover. Some companies (suncorp) also have in their CTP a "mini" cover for the policy holder that if the claim is not an "at fault" and details can be supplied of the other car/driver then the CTP policy holders car is covered to a certain amount - certainly not as much as comprehensive however. mike
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