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  1. lol yeah $500... dreaming. People generally sell them for $100 or under. Welcome to the 86/BRZ used parts market.
  2. lol reading through this these days. Had 3 sets of OEM tails since, spent a total of $100 for 2 sets, one for free. and now have TOMs. Take that Toyota.
  3. Normal. Happens to my 86 and the majority of everyone else's 86s/BRZs.
  4. Better off just going straight to coilovers. Springs are ~$250-400 depending on what you buy + the cost of install (anywhere between $150-300). Can get coilovers from Import Monster and whatnot for $990.
  5. Selling my beloved SSR SP3s 19 x 8.5 +35 Medium-Disk (F) w/225/35/19 tyres, 9.5 +43 Super-Low Disk ® w/235/35/19 tyres. The tyres are Falken FK452 and are basically brand new. They are an amazing tyre. Selling as I'm going for a different style/direction with the car now. These look great with a subtle drop, or you could slam the car with 10-15mm spacers (like I did) for an incredible look. I'm asking $2,500 (paid more than that). The wheels alone are worth over $3,000 new, not to mention the tyres which I can only imagine to be over $1k new. Located in Victoria, but I'm willing to ship at buyers expensive via Import Monster. They are in a great condition. Each wheel has some kind of very minor damage (rash or some spec here and there), with the worst being the front left wheel. All from the previous owner. I have been quoted under $400 to fix all 4.
  6. Yes running D2 Coilovers very close to being maxed out.
  7. Selling my Work CR Kiwami 18 x 9.5 + 38 5x100 PCD set in the Glim Silver (paid option) finish. This finish is quite rare and looks very unique on the 86 unlike all the matte black and bronze finishes found commonly on 86s with Kiwamis. These are wrapped in Hankook RS-3s (GREAT tyres) 225/40/18, but the rears are camber worn (could be flipped) and probably need to be replaced sometime soon. One wheel has a 1cm rash/chunk missing from the outer side (they still hold air and have no effect on the drivability at all.... they just hurt the feels), and I have been quoted $100-200 for a full repair, otherwise the entire set are in a great condition. These wheels were $2,200 brand new + however much the Hankook tyres were ($850ish). I'm looking for $1,700 firm. I believe this is fair. PM me for any more information. Located in S.E. Suburbs Melbourne.
  8. Keen. PM me when they're in.
  9. RZ86

    TRD Steering Wheel

    Black badges, "TOYOTA" logo delete, Coil-overs, Wheels, done.
  10. RZ86

    TRD Steering Wheel

    To be honest, I think the DTM Racing steering wheel is probably the best value out there. For $399, you get a pretty good looking wheel, and more grip due to the Alcantara leather.
  11. RZ86

    TRD Steering Wheel

    Welcome Steve! The TRD Steering wheel is 100% compatible with the original 86 airbag. I'd suggest getting a professional to do this for you if you have no previous experience in installing steering wheels as airbags are considered explosive. As for wheels, you're on the right track. If I had a Blue 86, I'd be going some Work Meisters with white inserts, White CR Kiwamis 18 x 9.5 +38 all round, etc. Speak to Aaron at Import Monster and he'll hook you up with whatever you desire!
  12. Is it a click? Like a metallic metal on metal sounding click? If you click your fingers, does it sound the same? If so, axel bolts are ruined.
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