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    Obviously cars!! Also have '89 B-Spec MX5 [built by Mazdaspeed], 2000 NB8A MX5 that I use for Track Days and of course the GTS MT 86
  1. Double bonus!! Moved to Brisbane and got an 86!!
  2. Welcome guys!! Enjoy the experience
  3. Zero00


    When I ordered mine July 2012 they simply said add 3 months as that's what the 'computer' does - really, it's all lies and bullsh*t - not sure where you are or what spec you are looking for but i know the Dealer at Caboolture has both a silver and an orange GT in his holding yard, not sure whether MT or AT - they were both there only an hour ago as I zoomed past in the train
  4. He asked the question and I gave my answer .. he obviously has the cash to splash so why spray his problem around in here for answers? She hates it, he should just get over it and buy her what she wants .. simple! You taking my 86 away has nothing to do with this, I get where you are coming from but no, he bought her a car and obviously didn't ask her what she actually wanted .. his problem not ours
  5. You will love it Watto - I've got a white GTS MT, had it almost 12 months and at Christmas cruised from the Sunshine Coast to Wagga Wagga and back via Sydney [M2-M7] - fantastic fuel economy, had climate set at 22C both sides, alost obeyed the speed limit, mostly 110 zones and fuel economy was: 6.11 - Taree 6.52 - Gundagai 6.81 - Sutton Forest 5.80 - Bulahdelah 6.08 - Grafton 5.75 - Bribie Island Can't get much that would beat that given the performance the car has!! I was never looking for more power at any stage, always 'on tap' when required and the ride was A1
  6. I'd just say 'narrow minded old fart'!! If she doesn't like it then 1. Sell it 2. File for divorce To me she is someone very hard to satify materially It's neither a boys car or a girls car and for heavens sake NOT a 'hairdressers cars' that title belongs solely to the MX5 In SE Queensland the owners are a total mix of people, young to old, male and female. Social runs attract from all of those mentioned and the ones that seem to be totally into adding those little 'extras' are the mature aged ladies! I could NEVER imagine my grandma driving something like the 86/BRZ let alone having after market wider wheels, dual titanium cat-bacj exhaust systems, upgraded stereo systems - I could go on and on Finally, I can really say is it's YOUR problem not ours!! PS: For the record I have TWO 'hairdressers cars' let's NOT make that three
  7. The MX5 Club of QLD is having their first track day for 2014 at Lakeside Park north of Brisbane This will be a 'half-day' event where entrants can expect 5-8 runs, each of 'warm up lap followed by 5 flying laps and a 'cool down' lap back into the pits The 86/BRZ Club of QLD is more than welcome to join us for the day and will be made most welcome Many ask 'why a Monday?' Simple! Track hire is not cheap and by having it on a weekend the entry fee is kept to a minimum, details of fees etc are in the attached links Please PM me should you require any further information Thanks Roger http://mx5cartalk.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=71&t=61644&sid=07fe8ce9ab2feece8c9377089a558028 http://www.mx5clubqld.com.au/?page_id=33 Even if you don't want to compete you are welcome to come and have a look at a 'Track Day' and what happens, no charge at all, bring a folding chair and food/drinks but the 'Pit Lane' canteen will be operating for food/drinks & coffee etc
  8. Zero00


    Your Dealer should have been able to give you that as soon as the order was completed - unfortunately some are quite lazy! If they say no can't thats not true at all - so persist and if no luck let us know here Great to see you Saturday at the 'Car Mad Club' show Pleb!! 25 86/BRZ's arriving in convoy and parked 'colour-coded' as well, great idea that was Agent 86!! I found it a great day to put more faces to names! BTW mine is 11 months old TODAY!! So a few car birthdays coning up in February, Chris Gold Coast and his Tornado Grey BRZ, Zoe's red GTS and mine to name a few OK, soon must be time to orgabnise a 'shake & bake' for coffee/nibbles at Maleny!
  9. Dear Hello Kitty In response to your applica .... oh hell, change subject!! Auto 100kph/2000rpm and Manual 100kph/2500rpm approx Rating fuel economy auto 7.2L/100km and manual 7.8L/100km My figures for my GTS MT over Christmas from the Sunshine Coast to Wagga Wagga via Sydney and return: Bribie: tank filled Taree: 42.2L/690km = 6.11L/100 Gundagai: 45.0L/690km = 6.52L/100km Sutton Forest: 29.0L/411km = 6.81L/100km Buladelah: 21.4L/369km = 5.80L/100km Grafton: 23.0L/378km = 6.08L/100km Bribie: 20.7L/360km = 5.75L/100km The car was driven at the speed limit of which most was 110 and with the climate on and set to 23 left and 22 drivers side
  10. Depends if you are running around the city or on a long trip, mine with a 'mix' is around 7.0 - 7.3L/100 but the improvement on a trip was fantastic BUT, as I say, don't go by the in-car readout, it's not accurate - fill note litres then divide by the number of hundreds - eg 547 = 5.47
  11. Just park it in the garage, set up a nice chair and look at it!! Then after 10 months and around 4,000km head off on a BIG trip like i've just done! 3,000km and the worst economy was 6.81L/100km hey Zoe!! Happy New Year!! Roger
  12. Don't go by the in-car reading, it's around 1.0 litre/100km out - at 5.75 it was reading 6.9 and at 6.11 it was reading 7.1 - if you have a phone with a calculator simply divide the litres [42.2] by the hundreds travelled [690km = 6.90] and that's the reading I'm sure you will be impressed once it's done a good trip and at the speed limit
  13. Zero00


    Pleb I suffer from arthritis in knees and hands occasionally, have had severe lower back problems but in the four days travel not a worry!! Left foot got a little sore today so I rested than sideways off the footrest for a short while .. main pain was my right hand that I jammed in my mothers front door and ripped the skin right where I'd had surgery back in July!! OUCH!! It's been throbbing for a few days now I also have the seat lowered to it's maximum, prefer that but can just see over the window sill!! Seats are PERFECT, not a complaint at all and indeed jumped out at Bribie Road for fuel then headed to the carwash and $4 later had soaped, rinsed etc the car and chamoised once home, another 5km .. that was 4pm and still A1 right now but MUST head for bed!! I must also add that every 1.5 - 2 hours I stop and have a smoke where possible and walk around, I stay more alert but today the km's just peeled off so fast!! I break each trip down an back into 2 x 750km runs so Buladelah is perfect and exactly half way between Brisbane and Wagga Wagga - 686 and 687 then just the extra up to Bribie The fuel indicator to me isn't accurate, far from it, best it's shown the whole trip is 6.9 and my WORST was 6.81 !! Roger
  14. Zero00


    Just home a few hours ago from a 3,000km round trip to Wagga Wagga via Sydney. Absolutely fantastic fuel economy totally blew me away!! ['fuel economy' into the search box here or view recent posts] worst was 6.81L/100km and best two were 5.75 and 5.80] Only saw three during the 1,450km trip south and 4 coming back and ALL gave me a wave even though 2 were on the dual lanes going the other way!! Drew a lot of attention when I'd stop for a coffee/fuel/snack/motel and happy to show people! One young guy in Buladelah at the Motel, well I told him he could sit in it and his mum took pics, she said that to him was better than ANY Christmas present!! I'd be totally off topic to tell some of the stories but suffice to say the Motel in Buladelah is run by a member of the MX5 Club NSW and I scored a ride in his 300kW [at rear wheels] Turbo MX5 and also his supercharged '91 model, in turn he got to drive the 86!! He loved it!! For the record his MX5 is the fastest NSW Club car around Wakefield Park doing low 1:05's
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