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  1. The 86 MoBros team “Mo’ Fun in an 86” are hosting an end of Movember BBQ on from 12 – 3PM Saturday 30 Nov (Mov) at Doug Jennings Park on the Gold Coast. Further location details will be announced closer to the event. The BBQ is aimed at being a small fundraiser with a bit of fun and a cruise through the Hinterlands thrown in at the end for those of you so inclined. The basic plan will sausages for $2 and drinks for $1 with all proceeds going to Movember. Movember (the month formally known as November) is ...held every year in an effort to the profile and awareness of men’s health issues within Australia and around the world. In particular, prostate and testicular cancer and mental health. For those of you not in the know (mo) check out http://au.movember.com/mens-health there’s actually some pretty frightening stats on there. We’ll have a competition for the best mo at the BBQ (I think Mircea needs a handicap, can’t have you taking all the glory!) so for those of you who are fence sitters still thinking of growing your mo, its only the 13th, so get growing now! For some helpful growing tips, be sure to check out http://au.movember.com/news/1056/ To join or donate to the “Mo’ Fun in an 86” team, or just gawk at some horrible mos, check out http://au.movember.com/team/1379761 All welcome to attend, come support a great cause! Kurt
  2. A member has already snapped the drive shaft of his...
  3. So this weekend is looking pretty much locked in? Will start looking at some accommodation options, anyone have any recommendations or already booked theres?
  4. Keen! Group buy on accomodation? Would be cool if we could book out a complex.
  5. Thanks mate! There's a few pics in my build thread, its just a simple muffler delete (sometimes called a track pipe) which I got made by Nathan at Fabulous Fabrications. Feel free to PM me if you have any further questions!
  6. 20L/100km? lol (NOTE: Not my pic or car)
  7. Thank you to the organisers, it was a great drive and will definitely be doing it again! Another idea, although less enjoyable I'll admit, with the large turnout (which will only increase) perhaps we should consider planning the larger meets to be more styled as a 'cruise' and leave the spirited driving for the smaller runs. Or the staggered groups suggestion also does sound like a good idea! Although I do appreciate what you were achieving, due to the large numbers we had for us at the rear of the pack this did sometimes result in some heavy braking due to the traffic banking up towards blind corners. & Sorry to hear about the bingle, glad to hear everyone was ok and hopefully your car will be back on the road soon!
  8. During the week in mostly highway traffic/suburban driving mine averages 8.2L/100km.... But sounds like im not driving it hard enough compared to you guys haha
  9. Outsider


    Ooh, do we have to mention a particular forum or anything for this offer? Might send through an email, hopefully prices haven't changed too much. Have you installed yours Matt? Any pics?
  10. Haven't really had a chance to update this, but here's a few more current pics as it sits!
  11. From memory tumbulgum's pub meals were not bad, a counter lunch could go down well? http://www.tumbulgumtavern.com.au/index.html
  12. Keen! Who's 86 was it i saw rocking the 'Smoke tyres, not drugs' sticker... am sure that will get a great reception at Nimbin
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