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  1. Guys these are now in stock;)
  2. Yeah, wanted to see if anyone noticed it. I guess only a few know what these rims are;)
  3. Hi Guys, We only 2 sets of CE38RT on special!!! Be the first in Australia to have these on... Size: 18x9.5 Offset: +40 PCD: 5-100 RRP: $3500 SPECIAL $3200+FREE RAYS LUGS NUTS WORTH $200
  4. Hi Gys, Currently we are knocking 10% of the following No. : 7518K Name : FRONT SWAY BAR Make : TOYOTA Model : 86 Type : FT86/FR-S ZN6/ZC6 Note : 25.4mm, 5PCS/SET RRP $295 REDUCED TO $265.50!!! No. : 7519K Name : REAR SWAY BAR Make : TOYOTA Model : 86 Type : FT86/FR-S ZN6/ZC6 Note : 19mm, 5PCS/SET RRP $295 REDUCED TO $265.50!!! While stocks last, Buy both for $500!!!
  5. Still waiting on Project Mu to get these in guys
  6. Sorry nothing as 17 is not a huge seller, we can order anything from Rays or any other wheels from Japsn in if you don't mind waiting?
  7. Sorry sold out, plenty of 18's in stock?
  8. Sorry for the delayed response $30, so total shipped is $229
  9. Sorry for the late responses, members get 10% off
  10. We can certainly help you at OTR Motorsports;) we have a mass range of wheels and tyres in stock plus bodykit, suspension, handling....in stock all the time
  11. Hi Guys, Currently gathering interest on these, they are genuine project Mu skate Deck from the States. If we have enough interest they will be brought in, even if you don't skate this will look great on the wall. ONLY $125
  12. TRD sides and Diffuser and STI front for $850 We also got rear boot wing and vortex generators in stock... OTR Motorsports 137A Westall Road Clayton South Vic 3169 03 9547 8100 www.ontherunmotorsports.com
  13. Hi Guys, Just landed a new shipment of BRZ STi Style front lips made from ABS plastic, lip includes fitting kit. Direct bolt on like the real deal. Price: $199 You can add the TRD side skirts and diffuser to complete a full kit..
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