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  1. Post deleted. This is my for sale thread, not one for you to advertise on.
  2. 4 set of stock 17" GTS rims with at least 80%+ rubber all round. looking for $700 pickup from 4228 QLD.
  3. Hey all, This is an expression of interest post. I will be selling the car sometime over the next few months to make room for a new car. I have not advertised elsewhere. Any genuine enquiries welcome, car located on the Gold Coast and price will be in the low 30's 2012 Toyota 86 GTS Tornado Grey Parts List: 15,000kms December 2012 build. Excellent condition, weekend only car and not a daily driver. Wheels Rota Torque 18 x 9.5 + 35 Maxxis 235/40r all round Muteki Closed End Nuts - Black Suspension BC Coilovers V1 Rolling ~4 degrees camber all round Exhaust & intake Perrin unresonated catback Red TRD Sound Changer Tube Borla UEL Header Perrin Cold Air Intake Exterior Genuine Modellista roof fin - matte black Plasti dip badges - front, rear, side pistons Crystal Eye LED Tail Lights - smoked Valenti Reverse assembly with modified wiring - smoked 35% tint all round Prestige Personalised Number Plates
  4. The 86 version of Snakes on a Plane haha
  5. Nothing really. My car was heavily modified when i brought it in for my cap price service. They even told me not to worry about how low my car was, that they get many low cars come in and they have special tools so they dont damage the car.
  6. I would rather play join the dots on paper and not my front bar
  7. Not you Zero. i quoted and was referring to Brens useless comment. thanks for your input though Zero.
  8. Hey guys, So here is the situation. I have just moved to a semi-country (lol) town. It has less than desirable road surface and a 100kmph highway running north and south that i would frequent on a weekly basis to travel ~100kms. I have been told by the locals that running this stretch of road will destroy your front bar as it gets pelted with stones so im looking at options to protect the front end. I have come up with 3 ideas as follows Clear Vinyl wrap I have experience with vinyl wrap having wrapped an entire vehicle as well as many misc parts of other peoples vehicles. Im not sure of its long term protection though, i do recall mine taking a few tears from stones. Plasti Dip Cheap, already have cans, could do the front bar quite easily or even the whole car really. Although im worried about its longevity. It would need to last a good year or so and be easily removable. Has anyone ever pulled plasti dip off thats been on for over a year? Car Bra Struggling to find one, i found this picture from car-bra australia and someone mentions $500 region. thoughts? any more info? Matt.
  9. best way to deal with this is by starting from the bottom and working your way up the ladder. By that i mean go to a station and request that the counter officer email the officer that ticketed you and ask him/her to give you a call to discuss it. If he calls then you can explain the situation and the ticket may get pulled. If that fails then on the back of the ticket is a section that you can fill out to contest the matter and elect to go to court. Its up to the police to prove that you have committed the offence. You can get a duty lawyer to represent you and if you havnt committed the offence your fine. The ticket will get struck out due to lack of evidence. alternatively, here in qld we have other avenues like case conferencing and other way to resolve it without going to court. Depends what state your in.
  10. I know exactly what rims your talking about. Its the bronzey ones right? Did the car have a pair of testicles on it? Could he be these.
  11. i got $800 as a 22yr old with AAMI
  12. I guess it comes down to brand name, quality of product and style. The modellista has a great set of alignment instructions and guide stickies to make sure its dead straight. It attaches with a little clamp like bracket and has a built in aerial of course.
  13. Depends on what kind of $$ you want to spend. I personally hate the beatsonic, it looks like a lego block to me. I went with the modellista.
  14. I think it was a doorman 42009 IIRC.. however they were the wrong size and i had to do some custom drilling to get it to work properly.
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