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  1. Just hope its not a transmission issue like mine. Takes them a while to get parts.
  2. Got the car back on Friday. Toyota were fairly good. Even credited back the original $165 when they failed to diagnose the issue the 1st time. I am glad to say I will continue to do business with them.
  3. After a couple of days rocking the Yarris, looks like they will need to move me to another car. They believe they need to replace the valve body. Should take a few weeks to ship from Japan. SO far I am pretty happy with the service center on this one. It's not speedy but they are being thorough.
  4. I found turning down the mic volume and speaking louder fixed it for me.
  5. Just missing the engine light and you have my transmission problem. Be sure to take out your phone charger before visiting the service center.
  6. I think the head mechanic was not working that day. He knew nothing about the phone charger suggestion. Day 3 still no news. At least they should have a loan car for me soon. I will look badass in a Yarris.
  7. USB port is 500ma in the GTS. Not going to work on a device that requires 2amp.
  8. I had the same issue. Pull out the head unit and move the magnetic antenna to a better location. Issue goes away.
  9. Limp mode kicked back in yesterday. Took it back in to Toyota. Possibly a transmission issue. I knew it wasn't the phone charger. Now to wait and see what the outcome is.
  10. You could do it easily, but there would be no benefit. issue is likely to be with the wiring.
  11. I used a speaker to line level converter, and ran rca's from there. Diagrams above. Same end result.
  12. OK. So after extensive testing they believe my phone charger blew a fuse and put my car into limp mode. $165 later car is back to normal. No idea why a blown fuse would put the car into limp mode. Bit annoying really. If it happens again at least I can fix it myself.
  13. 1st issue I have had with my 86. Yesterday I noticed the car would not shift past 3rd gear. The revs were sitting around 4k around at around 80kph on the freeway. I am told this is a sign the car has gone in to limp mode. Got off stopped the car and waited for a minute then started again on my way. No more issues. This morning same thing again except it didnt go away. This afternoon leaving work same thing again except check engine light and traction control light came on. I had the car booked in tomorrow at Toyota, but it was closer to drive to toyota than it was to drive home so I went straight in. SO far they have been friendly and helpful. Mechanic is thinking its an electronics issue but wont know till they check it out tomorrow. He agreed it could be in limp mode. Too bad they didn't have a spare loan car so I am without wheels until its solved. Hopefully its an easy fix. I will post updates as I hear more.
  14. Tested it a fair bit. Definitely no noise when the engine is not running. No noise when the sound is low. It sounds like a wiring issue or a bad amp.
  15. unplug the rca cable from the amp and connect a different source to it and see if you still have the buzz.
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