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  1. I didn't read all the comments but i agree with how things are. But there needs to be driver training introduced into the grade 12 curriculum. In saying that though...it still comes down to attitude. With the wrong attitude the driving training can create over confidence and therefore more accidents. Perhaps some part of the driver training could be lectures by emergency service workers, family and friends of those who have died and people who have crashed causing the death of a friend.
  2. Saw PLAYTOY in Albany Creek yesterday
  3. Spotted TFT86 in Brendale today
  4. Still extrememly pissed I had to miss this. We'll have to get all the guys together for a cruise one day.
  5. Do I agree with impounding? I take it on a case by case basis. Type 1 offence - If you drop a big stand still burnout anywhere that there is other people....I'm going to impound your car. If its just you and the place is deserted I have the power to issue a ticket. It all comes down to attitude as well. At the end of the day...archerfield etc aren't that expensive....they're certainly not as expensive as $260+ for a ticket or the $290 impound and court costs and having to catch the bus or buy a new ride. Type 2 second offence - yes I agree. There is no excuse for driving drunk, unregistered or unlicensed...especially more than once
  6. The impoundment side of the above mentioned case is still before the court. In the words of the prosecutor "he's sold it anyway apparently" I charged a guy for unlicensed driving in January, it was his 4th offence (in the space of a month) so the vehicle was impounded and an application was made to have the vehicle forfeited....it's still before the court.
  7. I have recently been to a trial that was successful on just the words of myself and my partner on the night verse the words of the defendant (who I'm surprised didn't bring his 15+ mates that were watching). A clerical error saw us lose our pictures taken on the night but we still managed a successful prosecution.
  8. If you're car is stupidly loud then yes I would be checking the whole system is compliant and you'd most likely be looking at a trip to DOT for a full inspection. Section 133 of the TORUM (vehicle standards and safety) states every vehicle with an internal combustion engine MUST be fitted with a silencing device. Section 135 outlines the levels of a stationary vehicle. In the case of an 86 the loudest it could be is 90dB. The revs the test is done at etc would be determined by the device used. Ultimately, not all of us (in fact it may even be none of us) have the tools to measure the level of noise/emissions a vehicle puts out. TORUM (vehicle standards and safety) - http://www.legislation.qld.gov.au/LEGISLTN/CURRENT/T/TrantOpRUVSSR10.pdf
  9. BE ADVISED: Anything myself or Sutty say is our own personal opinion and not that of the Queensland Police Service. While adivce given may come from legislation it will not be admissable in a court proceeding. Please use common sense. We don't want to hear "I got a speeding ticket the other day...the cop wasn't wearing his hat...can I get off?" Yes we get asked that question and No you cannot get off. Sutty has a lot more experience than I do but I will do my best...I'm not saying you're old just....I'll shut up..
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    Dan - I will drop a brochure into the shop tomorrow if you like?
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    A valuable lesson
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