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  1. How come you feel the stock sway-bars are better? I have the whiteline front swaybar + end links and think it improved handling?
  2. I would be avoiding MRT.... like Dennis said purchase through 999 Automotive and get them to install (done plenty) and get Coyote (Tony) to tune the car. He is also great to have a chat with about what your goals are and he can recommend what is best for you to save you doing things wrong etc.
  3. Where did you purchase the bilsteins from?
  4. I have a set you can buy, located on the gold coast. Looking for $100
  5. Jeremy

    86 GTS Lights

    Check out D-spec headlights. They look nice
  6. Most people running a square 18x9.5 set up front and rear are running +35 offset, you will definitely need camber bolts to run more camber up front to get them under the guards. It really depends what look you are going for, do you want the rims to poke out a little? How low do you want the car? What size tyres do you want to run?
  7. The 86 is 5x100 bolt pattern. Guys are running 18x9.5 rims on 235 40r18 tyres but running a +35ish offset otherwise it would scrub. That being said I like the rim design and would go with gold.
  8. I am definitely in so send me the details once it is closed.
  9. Not to say these are overpriced. But winjet (aftermarket copies of the GTS headlights) are available for ~500 for the pair....just food for thought on price
  10. Jeremy


    Toyota insurance will not cover you if your car is lowered at all or any mods except rims/tyre upgrade
  11. Interested in two piece dash and a gearbox surround in 2x2 twill. How much? Awesome looking work as usual
  12. Best is to ask toyota for a diagram of the mirror assembly it will have the numbers on there
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