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  1. those specs (8.5”+44 on stock suspension) is pretty much flush as you can get on the front. Lowered would bring them in a couple mm more. The rears however, will sit inside the guards about 7mm Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  2. E've actually got the birthday cruise happening in a couple of weeks time. And now that I am pretty much back on my feet, I plan to get more happening... Although due to the increasing size of the club, cruises can be a challenge if too many cars join in. I know! Tough dilemma isn't it. We love to have cruises and have everyone who wants to come along, actually join in, but if we have too many it becomes a difficult challenge, both logistically and legally. That said, the club does organise happy laps at the tracks typically each month, plus skid pans will now be happening quite regularly as well. Additionally, many club members do organise their own meet ups and cruises during the week and on weekends, which the admin certainly encourage as it helps members feel part of the club, and self ownership, but also it removes legal issues away from the club and its admin.
  3. Well I was proven wrong. I was able to get the price down - now $130. These will be ordered tonight. I can accept a few extras before the order goes in.
  4. The product price for the group buy won't drop any further, but the advantage will only come from the combined shipping - being that extra units won/t necessarily add more to the shipping cost - which may decrease the average price overall. we have 8 kits ordered by the Qld club, plus 2 or 3 here. If there are no more, I will close this GB this afternoon, and finalise the orders. I will take payment once I have been able to confirm the actual price - which I still hope to be $140 or less (plus $10 postage if you are not able to collect from me in Brisbane)
  5. I'll PM you my email.I saw it on the Buy/Sell/Swap page. That's cool. It is also on the Qld page (where we have 10 orders so far). We'll see how many we get. The $140 price was based on the last group but where we had 7 units. I don't know if there is further discount available but I will certainly try
  6. No probs. so, if we get enough Sydney-ish people wanting these, would you be cool if I got those shipped direct from Japan to you to give out?
  7. Ill add you Lukemc. These will be shipped to me and then arrange pickup - or I can post for probably $10 on top. If there's more interest in NSW, we can get those ones sent to you DZif you like and then arrange collection.
  8. Go for it. I'm not sure how much the price can drop, but it's good to try.
  9. Group buy is up. So far, including Gee, I have 4. We need at least 5. If we get 7, it should come to $140 maybe less.
  10. Well, technically it is a lug nut - because the nut screws onto the lug (and not the wheel). The lug is the piece that projects from the wheel hub for which to help attach the wheel to the hub. I agree with your other peeves though.. Although some might argue that tyres are mounted onto the wheel, although fitted is also an apt term.
  11. I have just processed a number of join requests. Welcome to the club.
  12. Well, there is one unit which is in question - the orderer still wants it but doesn't have the cash right now. If there is enough interest I could arrange another order. It's only a $10-$20 saving over buy a single unit but $10 is $10 right? Haha
  13. While we're at it, what are the part numbers for the shifter surround, door handles, steering wheel piece?
  14. Some pics of the Subaru kit. Gives a little bit of an idea of the plugs..
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