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  1. Can you sell them in staggered sets?
  2. First rain in a while and the new mats are excellent in this mucky weather, keeping all the crap away from my carpet
  3. Piping diameter? Can you do catted dump/front pipe?
  4. These arrived on Tuesday while i was away, nice return home present. Very, very nice quality mats and look great in the car. Being an almost-daily driver, my car cops a fair bit of abuse in the drivers footwell so I'm loving these already.
  5. Ordered! Good price, and the online ordering system is fool proof; as evidenced by my ability to complete it. I probably would have had to think for a while longer or maybe not have bought at the normal price, but the discounted price is spot on. Much better value than the "OEM" rubber mats on ebay.
  6. Put this as an event on the QLD 86 & BRZ OWNERS CLUB on facebook. If you're not already a member, just request to join.
  7. I agree with above. The interior generally stays pretty clean, so I just used a slightly damp microfibre cloth first to clean and pick up dust etc, then go back over it with another dry MF cloth to scavenge any remaining dust and dry any residue damp. Works well on ALL surfaces interior wise and doesn't leave any residue or create concerns about drying out the plastics later on. If you do have any marks/stains on interior plastics do not underestimate to power of soapy water
  8. Selling my factory set of Tail lights from my 2012 Toyota 86 GTS. I have aftermarket tail lights installed that meet all ADR requirements so don't see the need to hang onto these anymore. The indicator bulbs have been replaced with LED's from StreetFX and included is a flasher relay that you should install to avoid 'hyper flashing' of the indicators or hazards. Unblemished on the outside or inside. No rattles and gaskets remain intact. I never had any troubles with these getting condensation in them either. Great for a modification project/ spare set/ cheap replacement for broken ones. $240 Includes Postage Aus Wide.
  9. $725 including freight! Or can do it cheaper if in Brisbane and can wait a couple of weeks till i'm there.
  10. Alright, i might take the work car and sus out the Many Peaks roads this weekend. I suppose if we aimed to leave Gladstone by 8-9am a Bargara day trip could work.
  11. The orgnaiser of the last CQ run, Ian is looking at doing another one, but getting all the Rocky/Yeppoon 86ers to come down this way instead. I think a Many Peaks, or Agnes run would be great. Bargara would be nice, but maybe a little far for day trip?
  12. I'll be in next time Tim. Also Zoe, my old stomping ground is Forest Lake, lived there for 10 years, and stay there with mates when I go back.
  13. Yeah i know... if i was ready to do it now i would be all over that shit.
  14. As above. The sportlines are probably one of the best bang for buck spring kits. Will give you just over a 1inch drop to start with (may be come more after a few km's and months of settling in) and do not really noticeably affect your ride if your car is a daily, but does firm up enough that you can notice it in the turns or undulating surfaces. I love mine.
  15. No, not until I get the BBK kit, which won't be for a few months. At this stage it's just the upgrade bits I bought to for an interim light track upgrade.
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