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  1. Thanks for the word on Face ache. Yes video has killed the radio star, face book has killed the forum.
  2. WTB 17 inch standard rims with or without tyres. ( 86 BRZ ) Brisbane area
  3. Do a search for the spare wheel, read the blogs , you will find
  4. Davo

    Bonnet seal

    No Take it back, that's not a new car look, robots working without quality control one would think.
  5. Thinking about doin some skids ( little ) in a controlled way ,like QR or maybe Lakeside. Is there any where else? Cost ect, fun / terror factor Can any one point me on the right direction. Live north Brisbane
  6. The space saver option is what I have used is off an 06/07 Impreza T 135/70/ D17 for GTS The trap is clearing the brake calliper, not all 5 x 100 wheels will do.
  7. This topic has been covered before, however after my car since March ( 8k ) I finally decided to get my a into g. As I like and wanted to retain the flat boot liner, this is what I came up with. I obtained a space saver wheel off a Sub Impreza 06/ 07, Part Number T135/70 D17 off Sunspares Yandina ( Subaru Wrecker ) Then ordered from Toyota SU00303404 and a SU00304451 Bolt and Washer to bolt wheel into boot well ( as covered by an earlier thread. Thankyou very much ) So into the shed and found a bit of 18mm marine ply and cut out with a jig saw an 460mm dia. I then used a 10 x 12mm blocking rubber to raise the new floor up to be level with the rest and screwed this to the underneath . This then sits on top of the spacer saver wheel inside the boot. I will be taking out for a test drive soon to check for any rattles. Test drive done and no rattles present The blocking rubber available from Glaziers and glass companies was perfect as it was easy to mould around
  8. Maybe you need an F1 car, heard there's a second hand Red Bull going at the moment. What a stupid question anyway.
  9. Go for the GTS, I was in the same position myself. If you look at the specs between the two to do the upgrades will cost more than the 5k they are asking. Also re sale, I'm sure you would off load quicker. Just my 2 cents.
  10. Hunters and Collectors are doing it for me at the moment. Love the bass riffs
  11. Hello and welcome . Not from around your parts, but wheels pop up quite often, got to keep your fingers on the pulse. How do you like your new car, how many clicks.
  12. More power and quicker o- 100 times = walking and catching public transport. Red blue red blue. I think you get the drift.
  13. Get a small conxex mirror from supercheap, just stick them on over your side mirrors. I have had one on every car, past and present.
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