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  1. Hi Tim! Unfortunately these forums aren't very active anymore. I still mod from time to time to get rid of spam etc. Enjoy reading the historical documents! (reference to Galaxy Quest the movie)
  2. Restored the original from a web.archive save. Enjoy! The Valenti lights have been updated at least once since but this should give you are starting point.
  3. Contact StreetFX and see what they say. Are you facelift or pre facelift? Don't know if there was a OEM change to mount at some point that StreetFX hasn't accounted for? I bought and installed mine 5 years ago so can't remember, sorry.
  4. I average 7-7.5 L/100 consistently over 5 years with an automatic. That will go up if you are a lead foot. So economy is really good for a boxer engine. Reliability is really good and service cost are fixed for first 3 years. Then the 90,000km is $1800 at a Toyota dealer but only about $1100 or so elsewhere and probably average otherwise $300 -$450? Stock tyres last 60,000km+ depending of course on driving style. Battery pretty much dies around the 3 year mark with replacement $110-$180. Oil is the only real irregular thing being over 5 litres each 15,000km service. Best things about the car are it's handling, fuel economy and the overwhelming abundance of aftermarket parts.
  5. I've flagged them as spammers so they can't post anymore but the posts aren't getting deleted. There are too many to delete manually, I've tried.
  6. Sorry, I hadn’t realised photobucket was doing that now. I’ll have to find an alternative way of getting the images back in the original post. Triangle is the fog light. It won’t get any brighter.
  7. Hawk

    90K Service Cost

    90K service is $1800 at Toyota because of the need to replace the fuel filter and spark plugs. Toyota remove the fuel tank to replace the fuel filter. The86shop and probably others that know what they are doing can change it without removing the fuel tank. Likewise the spark plugs. Toyota raise the engine to get at them whereas specialists that are familiar with subaru engines have a tool and technique do it without the extra work. These two things are the main points of difference but also you are paying for the Toyota name on the work.
  8. I'm not a mechanic so this is just some stuff that I've picked up over the years. Steam would indicate to me a lack of coolant cycling around between the radiator and engine, hopefully you haven't damaged your engine. Check your coolant level. Cause could be a number of factors. The fan that blows air into your radiator may not have been working (unlikely). Coolant pump failed? The radiator cap seal failed? Hole in radiator or hoses, could also be a blockage but very unlikely. Plug at base of radiator failed and coolant leaked out. I would definitely not turn the car on until you have filled it with coolant. Personally I would have it towed to a mechanic to make sure, especially if you have auto club membership which should include a free tow to mechanic within a certain distance.
  9. I think from MY13 to MY14 it was the deletion of the Toyota badge on the rear, and replacement of the full size spare with inflation kit?
  10. I'm personally looking at the Kenwood DDX917WS It has both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. CD player and also is made for Toyotas with all the harnesses plus is 200mm wide and fills the space in the dash without needing the spacers either side. http://carboncarsystems.com.au/kenwood-ddx917ws-release/
  11. Depends on your needs and wants and budget etc. Do you need a CD player? Do you need inbuilt navigation? Do you need Apple CarPlay or Android Auto? Do you want it to be the same size as the original or are you happy to go to the standard width and have the little blanks either side? Do you want to be able to read all your engine stats? Pretty much any headunit will be better than stock for responsiveness and speed.
  12. ^^ ZZT86 is right that it will only lock itself if you unlock it but don't open the doors. They would have to be sophisticated thieves to overcome the smart key system, can be done easily on early versions of smart key but that was before the 86 came out. In that case though they would have just driven the car away instead of stealing the head unit. Depending on how the insurance works out I would take the money and buy a better head unit and not replace it with another Toyota one. I installed the auto folding mirrors which lets me know from looking that I locked the car.
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