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  1. As GSL RallySport transitions into Brakes Direct we've continued to supply suspension from leading brands. This is about to come to an end and we're going out with a bang! After 31st March 2016 Brakes Direct/GSL RallySport will no longer be supplying suspension in order to completely focus on brakes and deliver the best possible experience, expertise and delivery on that product range! Until then... 30% OFF our already very sharp pricing on: • King Springs! • KYB Shocks! • Whiteline Sway Bars & Bushes! FREE DELIVERY AUSTRALIA WIDE! Sale must end 5pm March 31st! To order or for more information send us a private message or call 1300 884 836! Easter Trading Hours (Brisbane Times): • Saturday Till 2pm • Easter Sunday - Closed • Easter Monday 7am-6pm • Tues 29th 8am-5pm • Wed 30th 8am-5pm • Thu 31st 8am-5pm
  2. Brakes Direct is excited to announce our range of 'NS' Slotted Rotors to suit Alcon / PWR Big Brake Upgrade Kits! Up until recently the only replacement rotors available was the Alcon rotor, which at $600-$700 each (not including nuts) was a little hard to swallow for most people.... So, we've had DBA make them in our special 'NS' slot pattern, with DBA's patented Kangaroo Paw ventilation system! As a bonus, upon request DBA can make the rear rotors to match if you only have a front kit, in that same slot pattern! PWR / Alcon Kit Replacement Rotors (includes replacement NAS Nuts!) • DIV2135X436 335mm x 28mm 12 Bolt $359 each - Brakes Direct - DBA52901.1NS - Alcon DIV2135X436 335x28mm 12 Bolt Slotted Brake Disc • DIV2175X534 365mm x 32mm 12 Bolt $385 each - Brakes Direct - DBA52943.1NS - Alcon DIV2175X534 365x32mm 12 Bolt Slotted Brake Disc • DIV2175X533 378mm x 32mm 12 Bolt $399 each - Brakes Direct - DBA52902.1NS - Alcon DIV2175X533 378x32mm 12 Bolt Slotted Brake Disc Alcon Advantage Extreme Replacement Rotors (includes replacement NAS Nuts!) • DIV2175X557 343mm x 32mm 10 Bolt $385 each - Brakes Direct - DBA52939.1NS - Alcon DIV2175X557 343x32mm 10 Bolt Slotted Brake Disc All prices include delivery Australia wide, and all in stock for immediate online ordering! Any questions at all just give us a call, 1300 724 943!
  3. Brakes Direct are overstocked on Alcon Front Upgrade Kits, and it's time to go! Until sold out never to be repeated pricing of $2000 off either 4 or 6 piston upgrade kits! From the world's most successful specialized motorsport caliper manufacturer with countless championships in WRC, IRL, NASCAR... the list goes on! Kits include: • Calipers • Caliper Brackets • Alcon 'S' Slotted Discs + Hats (Assembled ready to install) • Winmax W1 Performance Street Pads • All Bolts Necessary For Install Prices: • 4 Piston Monoblock 335x28mm Kit Normally $4544... Until sold out ONLY $2544 delivered! • 6 Piston Monoblock 365x32mm Kit Normally $5191... Until sold out ONLY $3191 delivered! Available for: • VR / VS Holden Commodore (Add $49 for adaptor rings) • VT-VZ Holden Commodore (Rear 335mm 4 piston kit available for the same price!) • VE Holden Commdore • Mazda RX8 (335mm kit only) • Subaru Impreza, WRX, BRZ, Forester, Liberty, any Subaru with 5x100mm stud pattern (335mm kit only) • Toyota 86 (335mm kit only) • Toyota Supra JZA80 (365mm kit only) Stock is limited and once sold out prices will never be this cheap again! Call now on 1300 724 943 to secure your kit and enjoy the phenomenal braking that comes from Alcon! 6 Piston Kit: 4 Piston Kit:
  4. For the chance to win Australian WRC driver Chris Atkinson's gloves, as used by him in the 2014 WRC Round in Mexico, simply spend $150 or more in one transaction in March at Brakes Direct and enter your details at www.brakesdirect.com.au/atko! Winner will be drawn by Chris at Brake Direct's Brisbane store in the first week of April, and announced on our Facebook page! www.facebook.com/BrakesDirect
  5. I can supply the DBA 4000 series T3 slotted rotors for $198 inc gst per corner. The easiest way to order is credit card over the phone, 1300 884 836, or else swing me your delivery address (preferably a work or business address!! including the business name) and contact number and I can fire you through an quote with direct deposit details. If you have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.
  6. The only thing that I can see quickly is front and rear Ferodo TQ pads to suit GT, or front only to suti GTS. $25 per set front or rear.
  7. The only Ferodo pads we stock are the DS Performance and Thermoquiet. DS2500 is ridiculously overpriced for what it is. Equivalent QFM A1RM are $119 per set front or rear, and both in stock.
  8. RIDICULOUS PRICING on 'The stuff we don't want in stock sale'! Clearance items include: • Bilstein Shocks • Brakes Direct/TNF Plain Rotors • Brakes Direct Slotted Rotors • DBA Rotors • EBC Brake Pads • Ferodo Thermo Quiet Brake Pads • HEL Braided Lines • King Springs • KYB Shocks • Monit Rally Computers • Project Mu Disc Rotors • Project Mu Drift Shoes • RDA Brake Pads • RDA Rotors • Predator HID Kits • Protex Rotor • Super Pro bushes • TNF Curved Slotted Rotors • TRW Brake Pads For the full list of clearance items, with pricing INCLUDING delivery, checkout http://www.gslrallysport.com/clearance
  9. About Winmax Established in 1984, WINMAX CORP. is one of the leading performance and racing brake parts manufacturers in Japan. As a subsidiary of OEM supplier MK Kashiyama Corp., Winmax has delivered a combination of racing passion and meticulous engineering for decades. Used by top motorsport teams in road racing, rally racing, gymkhana, autocross, and time trials, Winmax brake pads have been rigorously tested in competitive racing environments throughout the world. Product Design Using a knowledge database that covers everything from OE factory pads to formula racing machines, Winmax begins all brake pad development in its research and development facilities. By blending various types of raw materials based on the information accumulated over years of quality engineering, Winmax is able to develop friction materials that meet the requirements of performance, effectiveness, life, noise, vibration, and feel. Testing and data collection is also vital to the Winmax R&D process. Using an enclosed brake dynamometer with a sealed environmental chamber, a variety of brake pad simulations are able to take place under controlled conditions. By evaluating the braking performance under a variety of driving conditions, Winmax is able to test, develop, and improve brake pads until they meet the strict standards required before being sold to enthusiast drivers across the world. Winmax is a certified ISO9001, ISO14001, and ECE Regulation No. 90 brake parts manufacturer. R&D Testing Brake pads are important safety parts, especially to enthusiast drivers, and it is core to the Winmax philosophy that all parts sold are required to have high reliability and be of high quality. Using laboratory data and regular feedback from motorsport teams, our engineers carry out constant development in order to develop products that meet our exacting specifications. During the manufacturing process, engineering teams will carry out required evaluations of appearance, dimensions, hardness, surface roughness, and adhesion of lining (using a shear strength tester). Proven Performance Winmax brake pads have proved themselves across the globe! International wins include the 2012 Asia Pacific Rally Championship with Brakes Direct backed Australian WRC Ace Chris 'Atko' Atkinson! Winmax is also the pad of choice for long time motorsport legend 'Monster' Tajima in his insane 900hp Pikes Peak Hill Climb car, which he piloted to a 6th sucessive win with Winmax! Select the correct Winmax brake pad for your application! http://brakesdirect.com.au/media/wysiwyg/Winmax/Winmax_By_Brakes_Direct_Selection_Chart.jpg Sport Brake Pads - W1 W2 Low Noise And Brake Dust With Optimal Stopping Power for Sporty Driving! W1 Starting from $140 - The W1's non-steel material brake pads are a perfect upgrade from factory for the drivers that needs increased stopping power. Using an effective brake pad compound, the W1 works instantly from ambient temperatures and provides long lasting pad life and rotor wear. Upgrade for Endless NS97 and Project Mu NS. W2 Starting from $183 - Versus the W1, the W2 has a slightly higher temperature range and coefficient of friction for increased braking power. This is a performance brake pad designed for those that enjoy sporty driving without the harsh characteristics and high wear associated with a typical full racing brake pad. Upgrade for Endless MX72 and Project Mu B Spec. Sport / Circuit Brake Pads Special Brake Pad Compound For The Dual Purpose Sports And Circuit Racing Vehicle. W3 Starting from $195 - These specially formulated pads still minimize brake dust and noise emissions while providing the best brake control. The W3 is the ideal choice for those who want to maintain great rotor and pad wear without compromising performance. Upgrade for Endless MXRS/MX72, Project Mu HC+, Ferodo DS2500, PFC 97, Hawk HP+ and Pagid RS4-2. Circuit Brake Pads Specifically Designed For Circuit Racing That Requires Superior Braking Control W4 Starting from $221 - By incorporating low levels of steel material into the brake pad composition, increased effectiveness and brake control were enabled. The W4 is a conservative yet powerful circuit pad for virtually any type of racetrack. Upgrade for Ferodo DS2.11, Hawk BL, Cobalt XR5/CBR and Pagid RS14B. Race / Rally Brake Pads Made For Full Race Conditions Where High Heat Tolerance And Precise Brake Control Are Necessary. Competition Off-Road Use Only. W5 Starting from $231 - Made with high steel ingredients but perfectly balanced for large circuit racing, the W5 is the choice for seasoned track enthusiasts. Recommended for dedicated racecars where protection against extreme brake fade is required. Upgrade for Endless CC38/ME22, Project Mu 777, Ferodo DS3000, Cobalt XR3/XR4, CL RC6 and Pagid RST3/RS14. W6 Starting from $284 - The W6 excels most at higher temperatures, especially made for harsh motorsport conditions such as rally racing. A linear braking output can be experienced as more force is applied as well as increased brake control at higher speeds. Upgrade for Endless CC40/ME20, Project Mu Club Racer and Hawk DTC30/DTC60/DTC70. W7 Starting from $299 - Professional class brake pads that have the highest heat tolerance and effectiveness as well as break-neck coefficient of friction stopping power. These pads are also designed to work with race vehicles with deleted vaccuum assistance (brake booster). Uprade for Endless CC60/N30C, Project Mu H16-03, Cobalt XR1/XR2, Pagid RS29 and Ferodo DS2.11. WE1 Starting from $353 - Targeted for endurance races lasting up to 3 hours, the WE1 is a high steel brake pad that retains stable braking performanc continuously. The special material compound excels against brake fade while retaining great stopping power and control throughout its use. Upgrade for PFC01 and Project Mu H21. Winmax Brake Pads Technical Data W1 (Compound) • Non-steel (Material) • 0-450C (Temp Range) • 0.29 - 0.32 (Co-efficient of friction) • Sport (Class) • For sporting driving with minimal brake dust (Notes) W2 • Non-steel • 0-500C • 0.32 - 0.35 • Sport • For sport use W3 • Low steel • 0-600C • 0.34 - 0.37 • Sport / Circuit • For combined circuit and sport use W4 • Low steel • 50-650C • 0.37 - 0.40 • Circuit • Increased brake control for track use W5 • High Steel • 100-750C • 0.40 - 0.43 • Race / Rally • Competition use only W6 • High Steel • 200-800C • 0.45 - 0.48 • Race / Rally • Competition use only W7 • High Steel • 100-850C • 0.48 - 0.53 • Race / Rally • Competition use only WE1 • High Steel • 300-700C • 0.38 - 0.42 • Endurance • Endurance racing up to 3 hours long Available From Brakes Direct Australia Phone: 1300 724 943 Web: www.brakesdirect.com.au/winmax Facebook: www.facebook.com/WinmaxByBrakesDirect
  10. 30% off all Whiteline Sway Bars until 5pm Thursday! Get in quick for 'in stock' bars which will have delivery before Xmas! To order, call GSL RallySport on 1300 884 836! DO NOT REPLY HERE... Due to overwhelming demand, we will not have time to reply before the offer ends... CALL US!
  11. GSL RallySport, one of Australia's fastest growing automotive businesses needs to expand our dynamic team at our Brisbane head office! We're seeking a motivated individual to the newly created position of e-Commerce General Manager! Roles and responsibilities include: - Develop our e-commerce platform into the industry leading standard. - Continue to integrate our in store platform ( Retail Express) to the online platform (Magento), which in turn integrates with other online marketplaces such as eBay. - Report directly to, and work with the Strategic and Technical Director. - Manage and work closely with our in house (off shore) Magento developer. Previous experience, knowledge or proven willingness to learn in the following areas: - Big picture of e-Commerce and the online retail industry. - Magento development and implementation. - API integration. - Application and look up queries and data structure. - eBay. - Freight integration. - In conjunction with other team members, listing of items including photography, descriptions, and applications. Remuneration will be based on successful applicant's experience and very generous performance bonuses will be on offer! A interest in automotive would be advantageous, but certainly not essential. To apply, simple email 'careers at gslrallysport dot com' with the subject 'e-Commerce General Manager'. Include a short overview of why you believe you'll be suitable for the position, as well as your resume and example of previous projects. Good luck to all applying, speak to you soon!! ### DIRECT ALL INQUIRIES TO 'CAREERS AT GSLRALLYSPORT DOT COM' - DO NOT REPLY HERE! ###
  12. Hi all! Hope you're having a cracking weekend! We're in the office today preparing for our famous tax time sale, which this year includes more products than ever! This year's tax time sale runs over 10 days, with a different deal each day starting TODAY! ------------------------------------------------ NOW Till Monday 22nd FREE 500mL Penrite Super Dot 4 Brake Fluid with every set of QFM brake pads! ------------------------------------------------ Monday 22nd 25% OFF King Springs when purchased with matching KYB Shocks! ------------------------------------------------ Tuesday 23rd FREE 500mL bottle of Roil Platinum Metal Conditioner with every Whiteline Sway Bar Sold! ------------------------------------------------ Wednesday 24th FREE Shipping on DBA rotors Australia wide! ------------------------------------------------ Thursday 25th FREE HEL Braided Clutch Line with every Exedy Heavy Duty Clutch (where available)! ------------------------------------------------ Friday 26th FREE 500mL Bottle of PM800 Complete Fuel System Conditioner with every order for PM Lubricants Engine & Gearbox Oil! ------------------------------------------------ Saturday 27th FREE Arkon windscreen & dash mount smartphone holder with every full vehicle set of Remsa brake pads! ------------------------------------------------ Monday 29th 20% OFF Sparco 4 & 6 point racing harnesses with the purchase of any Sparco fixed back seat! ------------------------------------------------ Tuesday 30th $100 credit towards Super Pro polyurethane bushes with any full vehicle Tein suspension kit! ------------------------------------------------ Wednesday 31st $500 credit towards braking components* with any full vehicle DMS suspension kit! * excluding Project Mu ------------------------------------------------ As always any questions, quotes or queries just drop us an email! Easiest way to order any of the above deals is over the phone 1300 884 836! Thanks to the unbelievable feedback on our recent technical video, we'll do doing a heap more shortly, stay tuned! Have a good weekend! Regards, Greg
  13. GT and GTS fronts Green fronts $119 inc gst for the set Red fronts $190 inc gst for the set GT rears only Green rears $154 inc gst for the set Red rears $175 inc gst for the set The easiest way to order is to give us a call with the details above. Brakes Direct Team
  14. Hi Guys, Sorry about not putting any pricing in here for the pads. GT and GTS fronts GCT fronts $69 inc gst for the set Ultimate fronts $125 inc gst for the set GT and GTS rears GCT rears only $69 inc gst for the set Brakes Direct Team.
  15. Brakes Direct's technical director Greg Latham explains the benefits and styles of 2 piece brake disc rotors! With examples from DBA and Alcon, including the V8 Supercar control brake rotor up until the end of 2012! • DBA 5000 Series T3 Slotted • Alcon V8 Supercar Control Rotor • Alcon Advantage Extreme Kit For further information or inquiries, contact: Brakes Direct http://brakesdirect.com.au/ National Offices • Australia - 1300 724 943 • New Zealand - 09 951 5726 State Offices • North QLD - (07) 4422 0303 • South East QLD - (07) 3177 0806 • NSW - (02) 9191 9387 • ACT - (02) 6171 2025 • VIC - (03) 9938 8221 • TAS - (03) 6111 0500 • SA - (08) 7070 1402 • WA - (08) 6500 0151 • NT - (08) 7999 7400
  16. http://brakesdirect.com.au/fremax Fremax began producing brake rotors and drums for the domestic aftermarket in 1990, and since then it has become the largest Latin-American manufacturer of brake rotors for passenger cars and commercial vehicles, focusing on replacement braking products for automotive equipment manufacturers and the aftermarket. Fremax’s mission as a company is to revolutionise, in a consistent and sustainable manner, the production and commercialisation of auto parts in the worldwide market. Fremax is the official supplier to the most competitive car racing categories in South America, such as the Stock Car, Porsche Cup, F-3000 and Montana Cup. These competitive rotors are made of high carbon cast iron alloy with chromium which can withstand extreme conditions of use. When compared to the previous rotors used by these cars the new design allowed a reduction of rotor temperature at braking spots from 360 to 200 degrees Celsius. A better braking efficiency was thus achieved, allowing shorter braking space and a gain of 3 seconds per lap. Fremax provides a special finishing in a wide variety of brake disc and drum applications, which consists of painting the hub with an automotive paint that withstands high temperatures and ensures maximum protection against corrosion. Fremax’s cast iron alloy rotors have higher carbon content, which have been successfully used in high-performance car racing applications. The reason for this being that the higher the carbon content, the more optimal thermal conductivity is increased, it helps to prevent brake judder, lessens braking noise due to a better damping coefficient higher resistance to distortion and thermal cracking and finally, increased braking safety and performance. Available from: Brakes Direct http://brakesdirect.com.au/fremax National Offices • Australia - 1300 724 943 • New Zealand - 09 951 5726 State Offices • North QLD - (07) 4422 0303 • South East QLD - (07) 3177 0806 • NSW - (02) 9191 9387 • ACT - (02) 6171 2025 • VIC - (03) 9938 8221 • TAS - (03) 6111 0500 • SA - (08) 7070 1402 • WA - (08) 6500 0151 • NT - (08) 7999 7400
  17. http://brakesdirect.com.au/ferodo Ferodo is the premium braking brand from Federal-Mogul, and has a proud history in technical innovation and product development. Ferodo started making brakes for horse-drawn carts in 1897, and was the first company to supply original equipment linings for a mass-produced car in 1922. With over 100 years of experience in friction and braking, Ferodo was the first brand in the world entirely dedicated to the design and manufacture of friction products, and today it provides quality brake parts to the world’s leading manufacturers and the aftermarket. Ferodo serve manufacturers of automotive, light, commercial, heavy-duty and off-highway vehicles. Ferodo’s globally-networked technology centres enable breakthroughs in advanced technology and innovation to OE manufacturers and to the aftermarket. Ferodo delivers innovative brake solutions that meet original equipment manufacturers’ standards. These OE manufacturers choose premium Ferodo components for their vehicles and automotive systems. All Ferodo products are completely manufactured in-house, and production is supported by research, development and extensive testing, meaning consumers can benefit from the same quality standards and quality control every time. Testing the braking components include stopping distance, noise, pedal feel, durability of pad and discs, and wet braking performance. All Ferodo pads are R90 compliant, and go through extensive research, development and road testing to ensure safe, controlled and consistent braking. Available from: Brakes Direct http://brakesdirect.com.au/ferodo National Offices • Australia - 1300 724 943 • New Zealand - 09 951 5726 State Offices • North QLD - (07) 4422 0303 • South East QLD - (07) 3177 0806 • NSW - (02) 9191 9387 • ACT - (02) 6171 2025 • VIC - (03) 9938 8221 • TAS - (03) 6111 0500 • SA - (08) 7070 1402 • WA - (08) 6500 0151 • NT - (08) 7999 7400
  18. http://brakesdirect.com.au/ebc EBC Brakes is a world leader in the manufactureing of disc brake wear components. In the 1970’s, EBC brakes was the first to develop a complete aftermarket range for the motorcycle industry, however EBC brakes are rapidly expanding in the automotive industry. EBC Brakes has become a world leader in sport, high performance and race brake pads and disc/rotors with a massive range of products. EBC claims to develop and manufacture the largest range of disc brake pads in the world, from mountain bikes, motorcycles, passenger cars, LCV, HGV, PSV, and rail applications using a range of specialist materials all developed in house at its R&D facility in the UK. The total range of EBC brake pads is supported by a range of Brake Discs specifically designed to complement the performance characteristics of EBC pads. These range from the Standard OEM replacement disc, Turbo Grooved Discs and Ultimax Sports discs. Recently EBC brakes have launched another ground breaking material with its ECO friendly Ultimax 2 brake friction material that completely eliminated all heavy metals and sulphides. A bi-product of cheap brakes is a give off of toxic gas like Xylene vapour and in some cases Toluene, which are both nerve gases, and these are strictly forbidden at EBC brakes. EBC Brakes are proud and conscious of the products they produce and its impact on the environment, and therefore will never target to be the cheapest brakes. The R&D engineers are responsible for researching, testing and homologation of not just established production formulations but new elements and ingredients and production methods that can make pads more consistently and with higher quality thresholds. Once formulated, every EBC Brakes compound is subject to conformity of production tests and fine-tuned to ensure that the product performs to exacting standards. Every batch of EBC brake pads is subjected to extensive testing including destructive sheer testing, density testing, sonar and ultrasonic testing, compressibility testing and friction level testing. Many brake manufacturers of today still use antiquated and cheap “steel fibre” based technology, EBC lead the way in clean and advanced brake formulations. Working with Aramid Fibres, gives EBC brakes endless flexibility n formulation that is unheard of with cheap bulky steel fibre competitor products. As a results, regular independent tests, EBC brake products are shown to not only meet but exceed OEM manufacturer parts but to also have a strong pad lifetime, low disc/rotor abrasion, heat performance, reduced break dust and be environmentally friendly. Greenstuff and Redstuff branded EBC brake pads are aramid fibre automotive brake pads using high-tech fibres such as DuPont Kevlar and Twaron. EBC use these types of fibres to produce premium quality pads that deliver low disc wear with minimal dust. All EBC pads feature the company’s “Brake-In” coating which helps to reduce bed-in time significantly. Centre line slots, to prevent cracking and noise and edge chamfers to further offset vibration and noise are all standard features on all EBC brake pads. Available from: Brakes Direct http://brakesdirect.com.au/ebc National Offices • Australia - 1300 724 943 • New Zealand - 09 951 5726 State Offices • North QLD - (07) 4422 0303 • South East QLD - (07) 3177 0806 • NSW - (02) 9191 9387 • ACT - (02) 6171 2025 • VIC - (03) 9938 8221 • TAS - (03) 6111 0500 • SA - (08) 7070 1402 • WA - (08) 6500 0151 • NT - (08) 7999 7400
  19. http://brakesdirect.com.au/DBA Disc Brakes Australia is an Australian owned manufacturer, designer and global marketer of after-market and OE disc brake rotors. DBA has consistently lead the replacement rotor market, and has gained respect from customers, industry bodies and even competitors by consistently revolutionizing their products to cover rotors for over 600 different local and imported cars. At DBA’s heart is one of the world’s best aftermarket component production facilities, located in Sydney, Australia. DBA started out in the 1970’s, producing a single type of disc on a standard workshop lathe, showing that no matter what prevailing conditions; high quality automotive components can be produced competitively in Australia. Manufacturing the most comprehensive range of disc rotors in Australia, DBA leads the market in passenger, four wheel drives and light commercial vehicles. As well as standard ‘direct replacement’ rotors, DBA manufactures a comprehensive range of enhanced performance products, which boast such features as slotting, cross drilling, exotic materials, improved appearance and, in the top line series, a highly sophisticated two-piece design, for both road and track use. DBA rotors are manufactured using a unique cast iron formulation known as XG150, and are specially treated during the manufacturing process to provide the rotors with excellent thermal characteristics. These rotors have been used with great success on many race tracks worldwide. DBA performance rotors were used in a record number of motor sport categories during the 2008 Australian season, including Formula Ford, Formula 3, V8 and Rally. Australian Bruce Garland with DBA 5000 rotors fitted to his Isuzu D-Max achieved 11th place in the gruelling Dakar Rally in 2011, netting him the first T1/2 Amateur in the class plus the highest-placed Australian. DBA has won a host of awards over the past decades, including the prestigious Australian Automotive Aftermarket Association’s (AAAA) “Manufacturer of the Year” award four times during the 1990’s and has received six consecutive “Excellence in Engineering” awards. The 800 member strong AAAA awards are considered an important means of measuring the ongoing performance of manufacturers and distributors of automotive components and accessories, making the awards highly sought after and extremely competitive. DBA’s winning formula has also gained it a silver for the highly coveted AAAA “Excellence in Manufacturing” in 1999. The DBA Longlife Gold Rotor and DBA Longlife Slotted Rotor were named “Best New After Market Product”, which is decided on the products practicality, design, styling, quality and functional capacity. DBA continues to produce the highly acclaimed DBA Longlife Gold rotors as well as a range of conventional rotors which are designed to suit virtually every disc brake-equipped car on the market. Available from: Brakes Direct http://brakesdirect.com.au/DBA National Offices • Australia - 1300 724 943 • New Zealand - 09 951 5726 State Offices • North QLD - (07) 4422 0303 • South East QLD - (07) 3177 0806 • NSW - (02) 9191 9387 • ACT - (02) 6171 2025 • VIC - (03) 9938 8221 • TAS - (03) 6111 0500 • SA - (08) 7070 1402 • WA - (08) 6500 0151 • NT - (08) 7999 7400 Br
  20. http://www.brakesdirect.com.au/bendix Bendix is Australia’s leading brake manufacturer since 1955, and is part of the international FMP Group (Friction Materials Pacific) who is a world leader in brake technology. FMP’s Australian manufacturing operation is the regional technical centre of excellence in advanced research and development for Asia Pacific and a key original equipment supplier to leading vehicle manufacturers. Bendix caters for a wide range of automotive applications, including 4WD’s and heavy commercial vehicles and trailers with advanced Bendix products such as General CT, 4WD, Heavy Duty, Ultimate, Brake Shoes, All Passenger, Truck and Trailer, Brake Lubrication, Brake Fluid and Brake Parts Cleaning. Bendix’s manufacturing plant in Victoria has gained a reputation of manufacturing, marketing and distributing quality products. Bendix’s affiliation with one of the world’s largest friction materials manufacturers, such as FMP and Honeywell Friction Materials, gives the company access to the latest friction material technology and techniques. This technology base, together with its strong global links, gives Bendix the ability to tailor friction solutions for all customer applications. Hybrid Fusion Technology is an innovative combination of Bendix braking science and engineering that generates advanced friction performance through the fusion of the complete range of Bendix innovations. Hybrid Fusion Technology integrates different compound combinations that are formulated at a molecular level to determine how the brake pad material is structured with Stealth Advanced Technology, Blue Titanium Stripe, and Fibre Impregnated Rubber Steel Shims into one innovative product. This advanced technology results in improved wear life of brake pads and rotors, improved green friction and reduced brake fade, and OE stopping power with quieter braking and smoother performance. Driving style and type of vehicle greatly affect brake pad performance. The key to excellent braking is matching the driving style and vehicle with the right brake pad formulation. You can select and fit the right Bendix brake pad for virtually every application with absolute confidence. Available from: Brakes Direct http://www.brakesdirect.com.au/bendix National Offices • Australia - 1300 724 943 • New Zealand - 09 951 5726 State Offices • North QLD - (07) 4422 0303 • South East QLD - (07) 3177 0806 • NSW - (02) 9191 9387 • ACT - (02) 6171 2025 • VIC - (03) 9938 8221 • TAS - (03) 6111 0500 • SA - (08) 7070 1402 • WA - (08) 6500 0151 • NT - (08) 7999 7400
  21. Hi, These are the kits availble for 86/BRZ, 4 POT MONO kit Ø343x32 Front $3,943 inc gst 6 POT MONO kit Ø343x32 Front $4,339 inc gst 6 POT MONO kit Ø365x32 Front $4,339 inc gst 4 POT 2 PIECE kit Ø343x25 Rear $3,369 inc gst Regards Matt
  22. http://www.brakesdirect.com.au/alcon Alcon was established in 1984 by engineer and sports car racer John Moore. Today Alcon specialises in the design, development and manufacture of specialist brakes and clutches for use in motorsport, performance road cars and specialist sectors such as defence, armoured protection and low carbon vehicles. Alcon is experiencing rapid growth in the demand of its products as they are adept at delivering programs that meet the stipulations of mainstream OEM’s at a cost that can be borne by low volume runs. Alcon has been providing brake and clutch solutions to professional teams competing in the world’s premier motorsport series including F1, NASCAR, World Rally Championship, Indy Racing League, S2000 and the Australian V8 Supercars, as well as to competitors in Clubman and other classes. Although Alcon is best known in racing, 50% of their activity is with prestige road car OEM’s, marque tuners, special vehicle builders, armouring and defence contractors, and the fast growing field of low carbon transport. Whether supplying innovative race-winning technology to teams in the F1 or advanced technology to a road vehicle, Alcon’s expertise is both learnt and applied at the very pinnacle of motorsport. Alcon supplies some of the world’s most prestigious brands including Audi, Bentley, Brabus and Jaguar Land Rover; as well as some of the most extreme applications such as the 900bhp/tonne Ariel Atom 500 and the Noble M600. Some of the applications for which Alcon has engineered innovative brake and clutch solutions are armoured protection, hybrid supercars, zero emission municipal trucks, low carbon taxis. With a wealth of experience and backed by its well-equipped development facility, Alcon thrives on the challenge of devising innovative and unusual solutions. Alcon ‘Advantage’ is a new range of off-the-shelf brake products tailored specifically for use by club racers and track day enthusiasts. The Alcon ‘Advantage’ gives drivers the competitive edge in braking, as well as providing dedicated support and service. Available from: Brakes Direct http://www.brakesdirect.com.au/alcon National Offices • Australia - 1300 724 943 • New Zealand - 09 951 5726 State Offices • North QLD - (07) 4422 0303 • South East QLD - (07) 3177 0806 • NSW - (02) 9191 9387 • ACT - (02) 6171 2025 • VIC - (03) 9938 8221 • TAS - (03) 6111 0500 • SA - (08) 7070 1402 • WA - (08) 6500 0151 • NT - (08) 7999 7400
  23. www.brakesdirect.com.au/acre Acre Brake Pads are 100% made in Japan, and in the past 7 years it has been the best-selling brake pad in Japan. Acre brake pads cover a comprehensive range of over 4000 types of Japanese applications, and are completely asbestos free, and have low brake dust. There are 7 main reasons for choosing Acre: • Comprehensive range covered, Acre Brake Pads cover more than 400 types of Japanese applications; • Qualified ISO9001 Certification; • Non asbestos, control in brake dust to avoid pollutions; • Made in Japan quality assurance; • Competitive pricing; • Applicable Rotor Temperature 0-450◦C • Friction Coefficient : 0.35-0.45 Available from: Brakes Direct http://www.brakesdirect.com.au/acre National Offices • Australia - 1300 724 943 • New Zealand - 09 951 5726 State Offices • North QLD - (07) 4422 0303 • South East QLD - (07) 3177 0806 • NSW - (02) 9191 9387 • ACT - (02) 6171 2025 • VIC - (03) 9938 8221 • TAS - (03) 6111 0500 • SA - (08) 7070 1402 • WA - (08) 6500 0151 • NT - (08) 7999 7400
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