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  1. Your car sounds like its a transformer
  2. No one is being a dick, its the internet please dont let what anyone says bother you, you're going to have a bad time if you do.
  3. I couldnt get on either last night so I messaged Mark and he fixed it straight away.
  4. Welcome mate! Plenty of DIY guides and idea's to get your car how you want it !
  5. I'd get some sand paper and just sand it down till its smooth and baby get just a bit of paint the same colour as the rest and just paint over it
  6. Many jimmies were rustled with this thread hhaha
  7. Isnt directed at you mate, you offered the highest out of 6 odd people, I just think they're worth alot more and adds value when selling,
  8. Not selling anymore simply because people lowball too hard, and I think they would be worth more when it comes time to sell to offer them with the sale
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