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  1. Hi guys, Recently my left indicator has been stuffing up. When I was driving, the left indicator would turn on and stay on (fixed and not blinking). It will then turn off and the car will be fine. Then the problem will happen again. Yesterday the problem worsened. Now my left indicator is permanently on (front, dash and rear) and it won't turn off. This means that when I drive, I can't indicate right or left (as it is stuck on left) nor can I use my hazard lights. Even when I turn my car off, the light is still on. I have changed my rear lights and DRLs in the past (more than 8 months ago). Has this happened to anyone?? Can anybody help?
  2. Hi guys I have a gt and the sound system isn't the best of the best (maybe because i tend to blast my music) Anyways, What are your suggestions for an upgrade? Prices and details if you can!
  3. Spot on. Bayswater. I was turning out of one of my streets onto mountain highway. Saw an undercover cop and then they made a u-turn and pulled me over. Wasn't Pettett Buy anyways, the officer was just clueless.
  4. Yeap thats exactly what I was trying to explain to the cops! After a while, it will automatically turn off if your car is in park and the hand break is up. He thought he turned them "off". Also I wasn't aware of this either.
  5. Called Toyota HQ and my dealership today. Waiting on emails to state that they are actually DRL's. I got thisssssssss But yes, it is super annoying! The fact that I have to go to them to prove that these lights are DRL is a pain in the ass.
  6. Damn right! I called my dealership and asked them to write a formal declaration saying that you cannot turn them off.
  7. Okay so today I got pulled over and fined for having my "fog lights" on. According to the owners manual, these lights are labeled as "day running lights" (DRL). As I haven't had this car for awhile, I did not realize that when you're parked and your hand break is up the DRL will turn off after a period of time. After asking the police to turn off my "fog lights", they thought they had turned it off. No. It automatically turned off. So my question is.. What can I do? I am not paying for this fine because I did not do anything wrong. Do I go to the police station where the policeman is located or lodge a complaint? If so, where? zzzzzzz
  8. Oooooo thanks for the tip! Any suggestions where I can get a good + reasonable price pressure washer?
  9. Yeah it is abit! But black is so god damn gorgeous I'm thinking to get my car opti-coated soon to reduce cleaning maintenance
  10. Hi everyone! I am quite new to this forum. I hope this forum and its members give me great and valuable advice/tips for my 86! Today marks exactly 10 days since I've had my black 86. It was a bit of drain driving from the east of Melbourne all the way to Bendigo to get my car. But you know what ... it is definitely worth it! I hope I can meet up with other 86 owners near my area Have a good day everyone! (Despite having this shitty weather in Melbourne)
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