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  1. MRT will be using the AVO kit (turbo) or Sprintex kit (supercharger). MRT doesn't exactly have the best reputation in the NSW 86/BRZ Car Club, nor do they on a few different WRX forums. Anything from BOV installed backwards, to cars leaving running extremely lean. If you want to send your car to Sydney and/or have an Ecutek tune, Tunehouse or Pulse Racing have great track record with these cars. But I'd personally be giving 999 Automotive in Brisbane a call for install and a tune done by Coyote on these forums (they both work closely so it isn't too much drama).
  2. Talk to Adam at 999 Automotive. They can supply and install the Sprintex Supercharger and also organise Coyote (Tony) to tune the car. They should also be able to organise a mod plate for you as well. I haven't heard of anyone needing a brake upgrade to get it signed off (There is a turbo'd 86 with like 260rwkw that was running around the Gold Coast with stock GT brakes for a little while) but YMMV depending on the engineer (approved person).
  3. The difference between a MY15 GT and a MY14 GTS would be that the GT has Sharkfin antenna whereas the GTS will have Spoiler, GPS, Alcantara/leather seats, climate control HVAC, heated seats, and probably a few others.
  4. Yeah it is, send me a PM if you're interested. Cheers.
  5. Full Exhaust: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=589241164472771 Header back (over pipe, front pipe and catback exhaust): http://youtu.be/s4jEC-eDtho Catback exhaust only: The catback only is now at $580. If you're interested in the header back or full exhaust, send me a private message.
  6. To get a turbo kit engineered in QLD, all you need to do is get an engineer out to look at it and be happy with it then pay them and have your mod plate attached to the car. Total cost: a couple of hundred, depending where you go. To get a turbo kit engineered in NSW, you need to do an emissions test, brake test and a few other things before an engineer can sign off on it. Total cost: A few $ '000.
  7. KLS Power Spirit Cat Back Exhaust Group Buy As with the last group buy for the KLS Over Pipe, forum sponsor's 999 Automotive's Brisbane branch is again offering us a group buy on their KLS "Street" Cat Back Exhaust. These are 2.5" wide, made from stainless steel 304 and are stock bolt on, meaning that they can be bolted onto the stock front pipe or another aftermarket front pipe which utilises the stock location. 999 Automotive usually sell these for $750, however are offering us the following on these: 3+ = $650 5+ = $610 8+ = $580 Shipping is $50 Australia wide for those who cannot pick up from 999's Brisbane branch These are in stock now at 999 Automotive's Brisbane branch and can be picked up/shipped once the minimum amounts have been reached. Note, there are only 10 catbacks available at this price.
  8. The Agency Power is drone city. The Evo 3 isn't too bad for drone after the first ~500km.
  9. I'll personal message you both payment details
  10. KLS Over Pipe Group Buy: So forum sponsors 999 Automotive's Brisbane branch are offering us a group buy on their over pipe. The over pipe is 2.5" wide and is stock bolt on, meaning that it can attach to the stock header and front pipe, or any other after market header or front pipe that also utilises the stock locations for the joins. This over pipe has been tried and tested on their own supercharged 86 on the street as well as at multiple track days! The RRP on these is $175, but they have been kind enough to offer us killer pricing for the group buy. 5+ = $150 9+ = $130 If we can get more than 12, the prices can be further negotiated. These prices include the over pipe as well as all require gaskets and bolts. These are in stock NOW and can be picked up from their Brisbane branch once the minimum numbers are reached. Shipping can also be organised for those not in Brisbane.
  11. NRMA cover all legal mods as long as your agreed value covers it. I know that Suncorp and AAMI have changed their policy in the last couple of months to no longer include after market turbo/supercharger kits. No one covers track, unless it is "driver training" (so get someone who is a professional driving trainer to sit beside you ) but you need to read the PDS to see who does and who does not cover them. I know NRMA require you to call up and tell them what day, what time, etc. and also limit your speed to 60 or 80km/h to still be covered.
  12. Was just preparing you for offers of around that much before you start accusing people of lowballing you for offering their market value.
  13. It would be around/over the $1,000 mark, but $2,000? I doubt it (unless you take it to Toyota and pay them while they umm and ahhh about how to do the spark plugs on a boxer)
  14. Sets of 4 usually go for between $400-$600 (depending on how keen the seller is to move them) on the 86/BRZ Buy Sell Swap page on Facebook, FYI.
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