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  1. Join the 86/BRZ Buy/Sell Swap page on FB, or contact Aaron Klaver at Import Monster for new.
  2. Same question - also is this MY15 suspension?
  3. Panman


  4. As a note on these, mine (7 months old) have worn through on the driver's heelrest. Nice looking mats and all that, but that's not a realistic lifespan for something that is supposed to be tougher than standard. It's not as if I wear footy boots or running spikes when driving either . I ended up sticking a cheapo rubber mat from Supercheap over the top of the heelrest portion. I'd recommend caution before purchasing.
  5. Varies by state, but no. Numerous cars come from factory with different size and width wheels and tyres. They will have to be within legal limits for rolling diameter and width.
  6. Highly recommend them - I love the Invos on my 17s, and will probably put NT05s on the 18s when I finally burn out the RSRs The Option 1 boys looked after me very well.
  7. Got my Invos mounted today on the new (to me) wheels. First impressions are definitely good. Nebo run tomorrow once I've fitted the new exhaust and rubbed the mould release compound off. Thanks Option 1 team.
  8. I'm done - I picked mine up on Saturday at the Pallet sale.
  9. Saw they had them listed on ebay.
  10. Hey OTR guys, I see you do McGard wheelnuts - Any chance of a forum members price?
  11. Actually it was just stated as "rim" not "rim only" or I wouldn't have asked. Thanks for the response though.
  12. Bump, price drop to $200 Neg. Very good price for the best race pads for standard brakes.
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