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  1. Option1Garage have a super sale on Koya's Super Sports range. All options are custom machined to your desired offset and stud pattern. Contact us today so you don't miss out on this limited offer. Koya Drift Tek, CR Tek, RG Tek and Bathurst 17" $890/set / 18" $1035/set SF01 18" Semi Forged $1170/set SF02 17" Semi Forged $1035/set
  2. JDM Air Fresheners Now In Store! We have a good range starting at $13ea in different styles and scents. Australia wide freight available for $9 to most areas (price covers up to 3 fresheners).
  3. Lets keep the Nitto tyres rolling (pun intended). If you order any Nitto tyre between now and EOB Saturday we will fit and balance them for $5ea. Call Dan on 07 3268 1113 and mention the 86 Forum fitting deal. Prices on most have dropped since we started as a Nitto retailer, they are quite competitive and are made in Japan along side Toyo Tyres
  4. JUNE UNDER $100 ACHILLES SALE! All available in stock daily. Hurry Ends June 30th!!! 215/45R17 ATR SPORT Normally $99.00 SALE : $95.00 215/45R17 ATR SPORT 2 Normally $103.00 SALE : $99.00 225/45R17 ATR SPORT Normally $101.00 SALE : $95.00 225/45R17 ATR SPORT 2 Normally $106.00 SALE : $99.00 235/45R17 ATR SPORT Normally $90.00 SALE : $85.00 235/45R17 ATR SPORT 2 Normally $95.00 SALE : $90.00 225/40R18 ATR SPORT Normally $105.00 SALE : $99.00 225/40R18 ATR SPORT 2 Normally $111.00 SALE : $99.00 235/40R18 ATR SPORT Normally $95.00 SALE : $89.00 235/40R18 ATR SPORT 2 Normally $101.00 SALE : $95.00 Prices per tyre. Fit and Balance from $10each Email [email protected] Phone (07) 3268 1113
  5. You have a PM, here's some info on the range for the other people playing at home. The NT01 is a competition-only radial designed with the weekend road racer in mind. The compound was developed to provide the best balance of traction, consistency, heat cycle performance and longevity. The NT01 delivers fast and consistent lap times for both the professional road-racer and the track-day enthusiast. The NT01 is recommended for dry competition use. TW100 The NT05 is a max performance tyre that was developed through extensive computer simulation modeling and on-track testing. These rigorous development procedures helped produce a street tyre that provides precise and responsive handling and performance. TW200 The Invo® is an ultra high performance street tyre that provides a blend of performance, ride comfort and quality. State-of-the-art computer engineering and specialized digital testing equipment were used to produce a tire that reduces perceived road noise, provides a comfortable ride and delivers increased traction in both dry and wet conditions. TW220-260 The Neo Gen is an all-season ultra high performance radial created to provide a comfortable ride in all weather conditions. Its silica-reinforced tread compound and asymmetrical non-directional design help provide comfort, performance and peace of mind all year round. Deep circumferential grooves work in unison with the slanted three-dimensional tread blocks to evacuate water to help maintain contact with the road and provide increased wet traction. TW280
  6. Nitto Tyres have officially launched in Australia and there is plenty of stock available ready to go. Nitto are an American company and all of their products are made in Japan in the same factory and sharing the same engineers as Toyo so you know they are built for the job. Nitto's flagship tyres are the NT01 Track tyre and NT05 Street Semi, both have been hugely successful in international and club level racing, time attack and drift. They offer a range of high performance street tyres like the INVO which is regularly seen on exotics and other enthusiast cars. The NT830 and Neo Gen are packed with the same technology and quality with the added focus of tyre life. Drive an SUV or going off road? The Mud Grappler is the competition and enthusiast tyre of choice for going off road, they also have highway and all terrain options in the NT420S and Dura Grappler respectively Pricing and availability is only a phone call or comment away
  7. Time for an update, check the sweet 86 x BC Racing x Rota Wheels x Achilles Tyres combos we've created recently. Were back into the $200 off deal if you buy Wheels, tyres and coilovers and have them installed by us. All wheel and tyre combos get free fitting saving $60
  8. Yes they are available as a staggered order.
  9. A 17" wheel is great for a compromise of look and comfort, You can still run a tyre with a reasonable sidewall to keep comfort and lateral grip.
  10. Only sizes listed. These will be great on 86's to get the perfect fitment with big wheels with a major weight reduction
  11. KOYA SF01 Satin Black Designed for Australian Road & Motorsport Use Semi Forged / Light Weight / Load Rate:850kg 18 x 8 4H/5H BLANK PCD from 98 to 120 OFFSET from 15 to 43 $300 each +Freight - 7.9kg to 8.7kg 18 x 9 4H/5H BLANK PCD from 98 to 120 OFFSET from 0 to 42 $300 each +Freight - 8.46kg to 9.72kg 18 x 10 4H/5H BLANK PCD from 98 to 120 OFFSET from 0 to 43 $325 each +Freight - 8.6kg to 10.02kg
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