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  1. I have these VIC Slimline Plates for Sale [bOXR.86] - $1,000 - Open to offers
  2. updated, 2 left. now also have a Manual Pegasus Pearl White GTS confirmed for March production for April 2013 delivery Nice one to have!
  3. sweet as Tim, Catch up soon so I can collect
  4. The Pegasus White Manual Sold last week, arriving in FEB also for another customer. Sorry mate
  5. Hello, Only a few may know, but I work for a Toyota Dealership in Melbourne. We have filled all our existing customer orders with 86's arriving earlier, so happy customers Which means we have extra availability of other 86's ordered arriving in FEB 2013 which are JAN 2013 Prodution. these are confirmed JAN production 86's for FEB Arrival. The Velocity Orange GTS is DEC 2012 Production for JAN 2013 Arrival, other 3 GTS's are FEB Arrival. So if any one is interested or knows of anyone looking at purchasing and did not want to wait too long. we have: UPDATED - 2 left (Now Have a Manual Pegasus Pearl White GTS 2013 Available for April Delivery) - Pegasus Pearl White GTS (MAN) - MARCH 2013 Build, APRIL 2013 Arrival (Confirmed March Production) - Velocity Orange GTS (Auto) - DEC 2012 Build, JAN 2013 Arrival WHATS SOLD - Velocity Orange GTS (Man) - SOLD (JAN 2013 Build, FEB 2013 Arrival) SOLD - Pegasus Pearl White GT (Manual) - SOLD (Confirmed FEB Build, MARCH DEL.) SOLD - Pegasus Peral White GTS (Auto) - SOLD (JAN 2013 Build, FEB 2013 Arrival) SOLD - Mount Fuji Red GTS (Manual) - SOLD (JAN 2013 Build, FEB 2013 Arrival) SOLD Feel free to contact me. Thanks, Anthony M: 0432 695 020
  6. wooow thats beauty! cant wait to see pics on car
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