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  1. I wouldn't bet on getting koni shocks for $200ea. MCA blue is probably your best bet
  2. Haha yep. Sounds good, goes good and looks good!! Gonna try and fit some goodies and throw a pic or three u
  3. Yeah, so I haven't posted in this thread for a while haha. The car now has full 2.5in exhaust from the headers back, a silicone intake (which will be replaced soon), new wheels and tyres are in the garage, and the car is currently at 6boost getting the 4-1 equal length extractors done. Winning.
  4. Nafe

    Wheels, Rims

    Four days until my new rims are on the car!! And it will also be the first time in five weeks that I have driven it!!
  5. I once was driving next to a maserati and the intake noise when it cane on boost sounded like the heavens tearing apart. It was amazing. And then it went past and the exhaust sounded like hell breaking open. Was also amazing. But yes, I agree with the two posts above, Definitely turbo noise. The only way you will get that is with a turbo. But it still won't sound like a turbo Porsche ;-) Exhausts blow air out, they don't suck it in. A free flowing intake will make it a bit louder, bit it won't make a sucking noise
  6. Blunt - ypi do realise it is 90,000km OR 6years, whichever comes first, right??
  7. Yep, finally sold!! :-) More garage space for monkey bike stuff hahaha
  8. Nafe

    Wheels, Rims

    Gahhhhhhhh. Tyres have arrived.... But still no rims :-(
  9. Nafe

    Wheels, Rims

    Hints?? Hmmm.... They are cool. And not bronze like my current ones :-P
  10. Nafe

    Wheels, Rims

    My new wheels should be here in the next week or two!!!!
  11. Sounds good Krissy Jane :-) power ftw!!. I am only selling because of custom ones being made.
  12. Bump. Sure, they aren't a sharkfin, but you get more power!!
  13. Still for sale, $450 :-) Pretty firm on that. Good price for brand new headers
  14. I offered a very simple solution. Direct deposit and collect at your convenience. I work away for Twp weeks and home less than one. My schedule isn't like an office guy.. All Pm's replied to. If someone is keen text or pm. Easy. Selling at a loss, a little negotiable but not a necessary sale, hence why I am not concerned the first one fell through :-)
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