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  1. I'm saving it so it will last longer - for me Trashing it off road will accelerate wear & tear faster than on road.
  2. more grip, brakes feel underdone, depending on wheel/tyre size, see how you go
  3. You're game, I would not drive my car on anything but decent tarmac, not even my Camry. The 86 is quite noisy, you get what you pay for I guess & it wasn't exactly high priority for Tada san to take notice. Enjoy.
  4. Really? If this is the case then my car is due for a complete teardown & it will be the 1st & last Subaru I will ever buy. For whatever reason it might be my machine is running faultlessly, hardly uses a drop of oil & runs extremely well, maybe it's the overservicing of oils & filters, the mechanical sympathy when it's cold or perhaps it's the "juice" that's keeping it all clean
  5. Yeah some ppl are either lazy, unwilling to spend on servicing despite the cost of the car or so rich they'll just get another before too long. I can remember many moons ago a Toyota tech I know told me about brand spanking new gen7 celica which spun a bearing & grenaded itself - no service/oil change for more than 40K kms !
  6. Why pay $30K for a brand new car & not service it - and at only $170 a pop for 1st 3 years? Dealer should be able to disclose cars full service history by printing out copy of RO on file. It all seems dodgy to me, a car without service history almost becomes worthless.
  7. thats 4 posts in a row haha I would LOVE a clean R32 GTR, if only I had plenty of the folding stuff watched Mark & Jim at Sandown, love those cars. I'm with you, didn't buy Hachi to collect dust, it's for driving although lately doesn't get much of that cos Camry daily, only sunny days & the ocassional PI happy laps. I like that bright orange colour, nice brakes, would have bought one of those if I timed it differently. I've heard that it's an end-of-line car, I'm hoping not.
  8. Struth, how old was this lady ? I'm guessing she lives out west west like far from Melb? Any tarmac out that way ? Curious which side of $20K did you pay ? You will need to do the steering recall, just present it to a dealer. The dealer should've changed the engine oil at least once/year, dang. How many kms? 0W20 is like water, extremely lite weight. I would just drive it, give it some, it'll be fine.
  9. I guess every one just wants to personalise it, even if it's just audio, but the younger folk are all mod-monsters. I remember the VL . . . the one with the RB30E & ET I also used to own a ST185R GT4 GroupARallye which I'm sorry I sold, it had plenty potential.
  10. How many kms ? MT Auto ? History of vehicle? Sounds a bit like DI seals but it's a 2014 . . . . Video would prove more. Check airbox is closed shut & properly, no leaks. Check tightness of air intake tubing from air filter etc, make sure all tight.
  11. The right oil is 0W20. The Toyota TGMO 0W20 is an excellent oil, last I purchased this in a box of 6 x 4L @ $47/can inc GST = $63.45/OCI. Pretty much any 20 weight oil will go except I've chosen to stick with the factory oil based on the great feedback on BITOG. If it's hot & you're tracking then a 30 weight like TenTenths Racing5 is best. This 20 weight grade oil is expensive even after 6 years, prices will drop as it becomes more common place I guess.
  12. Worth it even if you only change your fuel to E85, very worth it if you also change to OFH / Tomei / PSR uel header. Header & fuel = about +30 rwkw which is about 30% increase with a manual gearbox.
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