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  1. Well that got some reactions I had to re read what I had said as apperantly she hates the 86? Well didn't see that in the post at all what I said is "she has one little dislike" which is that it is a Boys car... Regardless of what you think virtually all cars carry some sort of stereotype of some discription and the 86 in my wifes veiw is that it is a Boys car. Every evening I wait to watch her drive up the road home as she looks so sexy in it and a 86 is a sexy looking car... I don't drive it as I love being in the passengers seat and with the slightly harsh ride I can glance across and watch that .... bounce BTW she does really like the 86 she thinks the inside is awesome... It's just that it still comes second to the RX8, personally the 86 is a much better car in so many ways but I do get sick of her seeing a rx8 and saying "that is a nice car what is it" and she knows very well it is a rx8....
  2. I think they take in acount your location also as I pay about the same as you. 50yrs old I have 2 investment properties, 3 cars, 1 residential property and a camper trailer all with nrma and a 60% no claim... I have never made any claims in the 20plus years of loyalty... where we live in Canberra isn't the greatest place so we possibly have to pay a little more than other places.. I just accept it as even threats to move insurance companiex doesn't seem to phase them so I just whoose out and leave it with them....
  3. Ok... when I bought this gts 86 for the mrs she was a little disappointed as she really wanted a rx8.. now don't get me wrong the rx8 is a awesome car but I wanted to buy her something new.. now she has one little dislike for the 86.. "It is a Boys car.." apparently? Well yes and no ,,, in my opinion I think it is a boys car for someone between 17 and 25 but a girls car for ALL ages... now that's just my opinion as I know there are plenty of over 30 blokes driving these cars... I have to be careful not to offend anyone... However those that get them and build them to race then these 86's are a any age man's car.... but if you are over 30 and have one that isn't raced it could be the mid aged crisis problem ... 25-30? Anyway I very rarely drive it as i actually feel uncomfortable and rather be in the passengers seat as I love the way the mrs drives it hard and that she really looks awesome in it... (ok i want to have sex afterwards) I love the 86 but it just isn't my car.... To me it is a full on chicks car or a boys car or a old farts wish I had a porsche car or a raced good on yah any age car... This is where they are imho 1. A full on chicks car 2. A Boys car 3. A Race car So question is does anyone share the same opinion as I or is it I am just a narrow minded old fart.? that should just shut the f up BTW I keep looking at the mrs car next to my sons soarer and that uz1fe would fit so nice in there I could see myself on hill climbs - then and only then will I feel comfortable in the drivers seat... that sound of a all al 4litre v8 in a little 86 more sex Don't get me wrong I recon that these are the best out ther but they really need to man up a bit to get my vote... so until then I'll just keep wandering around the roads in my diesel landcruiser
  4. My son also brought them to my notice.... Topgear probably sold it to the mrs....
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    http://www.lancerregister.com/showthread.php?t=224101 This is something that should inspire you, but just leaves your mouth dry.... if you read it you will know what I mean... ffs
  6. Correct me if I wrong that you are basically driving your 86 unlicenced?.... uninsured? BTW A very good friend of mine is a driving instructor and a top bloke, has a awesome attutude as everyday he has to deal with little wankers trying to big note themselves as they think they are better than what they are... honestly some of the shit heads he has to deal with would drive me nuts.... there is no way in hell I could do his job I recon I'd be in the slammer or a mental institution.... mind you he is dealing with immature boys and girls that are starting their life experiences, he just just trying to make sure they have a life... actually he is a bit of a hero....
  7. Hello, Just wondering what oil you put in it at 7000kms.... With the landcruiser 1hd-t engines back in the early 90's which also suffered a large number of destroyed engines due to beb failures, these were later blamed by some to be the use of api oil rather than j-spec. Mind you toyota admitted the fault and replace many engines at huge cost... the thing was that problem only seemed to be a australian problem which again gave credence to the api oil usage causing the failures, most diesel oil available then was api standard and not many brands were j-spec or near to.. However 7000kms on any oil you would not expect such a failure with the oil as the cause, unless it was really the wrong oil to be running in it....
  8. Ok here is a spin on this... Do they need to be rev'ed ? My wife's 86 will be lucky to ever hit 5000rpm as it is basically a daily city car.... gets her between home and work.... we were considering a rx8 before going with the 86 and one of the reasons we went for the 86 is that a rx8 needs a weekly trashing...
  9. Bren My mrs old Celica has a spoiler on it an what a pita it is to keep clean. Dirt gets caught in and at every join to the body and has tight areas you have to clean up under the friggn thing, just like those batarang spoilers... I am very happy that we missed that upgrade by weeks those little bob spoilers/lips that follow the same line like that 5sxis one you bought are a much better and nicer option as the just follow the flow of the car I would consider one of those definitely .... Mind you if we did get the upgrade I would have lived with it, but gee the look nice without... so I understand your pain
  10. We have never had such a new car so all our older cars would get the armourall treatment on every bit of plastic and rubber... I am a bit weary of armourall these days and it is one of those products that use it once and if it can cause problems later one application is enough... So for the plastics and dash what is an acceptable cleaner or method? For the seats leather and alcantera (sp) and the roof lining? Also glass? I would probably use armourall for the leather all plastics and a sticky roller to pickup all the crap on the materials?.. and good old windex for the windows.... Is there any preferred cleaning methods? Thanks in advance
  11. I can highly recommend a night or 2 away and the drive to Batemans Bay get your 86 Opticoated. Awesome job and terrific customer service.. The drive was bloody great also, just a shame I had to keep it under 4000rpm or there abouts We got everything we wanted done and a little extra for a very good price.... thumbs up
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  13. That looks awesome... love a black car that is perfect... I also have ask the dealer not to detail the car before we collect it.. we will be taking a close look when pick it up... just wondering whether they would accept a report on the paint condition from the detailer and then hand over a reimbursement of the correction?. dream world, but if they did then they would take a lot more care... Gee that is a fantastic finish
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