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  1. Ah yeah I've seen this... someone wanted to put it in his evo 6. What bike do you have Aiden?
  2. I haven't even thought about racing but ill read up nonetheless
  3. I kinda don't like things that sit in weird places, like above the cluster and stuff. Extra thing to look at I suppose. If one looked great then I'd probably think about it.
  4. All this for a digital speedo in the cluster. I think I'll just get my exhaust and wheels and be done with life haha.
  5. So the first thing I have done is installed the carbon fibre look pieces on the dash. The original ones looked quite nice, but were a little boring. Don't regret a thing, except it was pretty scary ripping apart a dash of a brand new car! The part around the cluster was a real bitch to get off, the screw was in a horrid spot and the clips attached to the leather around the steering wheel took a bit of force to get off!
  6. Hey everyone, been a while. I pick up my 86 at 4:30 this afternoon! It's been a long 4 and a bit months. I think I'll drive all tonight... And have some fun installing the carbon look peices on my dash this weekend!! Pics to come!
  7. Haha cheers, I'll have to take a look. That's a bit of effort soldering and stuff..
  8. Hey guys, keep seeing wrecked 86s going around, wondering how hard it would be to swap out the dash cluster? Any issues with the odd and digital speedometer? I wouldn't think it would have any different wiring..? Cheers in advance
  9. Need a shot from distance!!!
  10. I'm pretty keen on the exhaust setup, how loud is it and whats it like cruising on the highway? Could pick up soon. (Currently carless and on the sunny coast)
  11. I had bad experiences with driving instructors as well Blue. I think its a certain bunch. The lady that passed me was great. People do get preconceived ideas too, I guess mostly warranted. Bren loving your usual thang
  12. Hey andy, welcome! Looks like a good family collection of cars, also very cool car at 18! My white GT is a couple of weeks away. As for your green P test, not sure if it is the same as the queensland one but I did it after being awake for 5 minutes. Don't stress lol
  13. Sorry mate pet hate.... drive down to Melb
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