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  1. I'd like the ECUTEK, will you be able to transfer tlicense or will i need to look at buying a new one?
  2. DAM DAM DAMN!!!!! thats going to be EPIC!!!!!!!! Once you get it plated and shit you could to blower/turbo it?
  3. Anyone know the decibel reading for all the exhausts? Also would the 2.3" be stopping that much flow if you got for a FI kit with the S or the R?
  4. Where is the tag on the right holding the glove box in? I couldn't seem to find it :S
  5. I stil don't understand how you are not covered to drive their car. Also at what level at the dealership have to spoken to? I.E the sales person? or have you spoken to the sales manager? What about going to the store manager. I've been given a hire car from my dealership and I just had to sign a paper saying yes I will pay the ridiculous excess "If I am at fault of an accident or incident" I would suggests ringing your insurance company now to explain to them what has been happening and see if they are able to help with giving your account 3 month credit after the car is returned.
  6. How much for the motor? Looks like tried to get it sideways and smacked the passenger side pretty good judging by these pics. Rear and left side damage.
  7. this software can be found online - TechStream... isn't it?
  8. haah yes the whiny bitches get no more lifts from me ahahah! But still think it be a good idea to be able to do ... make cleaning under the seat easier too. yeah will haveto ask on the usa forums.
  9. hey, So on the drivers side we have a hight adjuster but not on the passenger's side. Is there anyway to retro fit one say from the USA crowd? The biggest complaint i get from the person that i carry around in the third seat position is that they can't get their feet under the seat. So if we had a height adjuster on the passanger side i think this could be solved really easily. Any ideas on how to track down that part number at all?
  10. i've got whiteline tranny bushing and the perrin rear shift rod bushing yet to put in the car. Wonder if that should fix it.
  11. the spammers are still here they keep liking my posts :S.
  12. you got all the other panels? like the ac vents and handels and stuff?
  13. Hey, I m trying to find the forsale section. Where did it go?
  14. Hey, I've recently been driving with my windows down and found that when im shifting i can hear a slaping/clunking noise when i press the clutch. I tried to record it but couldn't hear the sound :S. Anyone else heard this?
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