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  1. LINK TO BUY FROM STORE HERE: http://www.streetfx.com.au/product/early-bird-august-blackvue-group-buy-dr600-and-dr650gw-dashcam/ PLEASE READ CAREFULLY! GROUP BUY GIVES UP TO $159 OFF RETAIL This is a private link for the BLACKVUE GROUP BUY for up to 30% off regular retail price. This is offered ONLY to specific Australian car clubs. This is not the normal purchase price, and will only be available as an INTRODUCTORY OFFER. Includes a free POWER MAGIC PRO, PMP (normally $59) for the first 20x purchases ONLY. This brings the effective cost of the unit down a FURTHER 20% OFF. After the first 20x have been purchased with a POWER MAGIC PRO, they can be obtained for $25 upgrade. SHIPPING: PICK UP will be available from the store in Brisbane, but payment must be made via this listing first. Shipping will be insured via courier or express post depending on region. Please note that the units will not ship until after the 15th of August, allowing time for minimum numbers to be met. Choose your model from DR600 (single camera) and DR650 (dual front and rear camera). Also choose the memory card upgrade options (default is 16gb). Memory upgrades are GENUINE SANDISK, plus you still keep the included 16gb card as well. Options: SINGLE CHANNEL (FRONT CAMERA ONLY), PMP free for first 20x only. $319 DR600 1 channel with free PMP, 16gb Memory [RRP $369,GROUP BUY: $319, SAVE $50 UNIT + $59 PMP = $109 OFF] $339 DR600 1 channel with free PMP, plus upgrade 32gb SANDISK Memory [RRP $399, GROUP BUY: $339, SAVE $60 UNIT + $59 PMP = $119 OFF] $379 DR600 1 channel with free PMP, plus upgrade 64gb SANDISK Memory [RRP $449, GROUP BUY: $379, SAVE $70 UNIT + $59 PMP = $129 OFF] DUAL CHANNEL (FRONT AND REAR CAMERA), PMP free for first 20x only. $429 DR650 2 channel with free PMP, 16gb Memory [RRP $499, GROUP BUY: $429, SAVE $70 UNIT + $59 PMP = $129 OFF] $459 DR650 2 channel with free PMP, plus upgrade 32gb SANDISK Memory [RRP $529, GROUP BUY: $459, SAVE $70 UNIT + $59 PMP = $129 OFF ] $499 DR650 2 channel with free PMP, plus upgrade 64gb SANDISK Memory [RRP $599, GROUP BUY: $499, SAVE $100 UNIT + $59 PMP = $159 OFF ] Product Information available below: The latest line up of products by Pittasoft Korea, the new BlackVue DR600 series consisting of the DR600GW-HD & DR650GW-2CH will be released in Australia on 1st August 2014. The new systems will replace the previous DR500 series dash cams, sharing a lot of similarities with the DR500, but with some subtle improvements. The new line up from BlackVue consists of a few improvements, one of the most noticeable being the new black colour themed design, which will certainly make the cameras more discrete when installed on the windscreen. The new models will be available for sale in Australia on the 1st August this year, these can be purchased from our website or from our authorised resellers. Please confirm your local supplier has this model in stock before visiting. Main Improvements: All Black design – more discrete installation Increase SD card support up to 64GB Improved bitrate – higher quality imaging Improved Price – better for consumers & dealers Reduced viewing angle – improved viewing clarity MAIN PRODUCT DETAILS BLACKVUE DR600GW-HDHigh quality components coupled with smart, discrete design make the new DR600GW a feature packed unit – still the only system on the market to have built-in WiFi with GPS & Mac compatible software. MAIN FEATURES 1080P Full HD @ 30fps 2.0MP CMOS Sensor Discrete Black Design Up to 64GB SD Card Compatible Built-in WiFi Built-in Sensitive GPS Built-in G-Sensor Clever Cylindrical Design with 360′ Rotation BLACKVUE DR650GW-2CHWith a SONY 2.4MP Sensor, the system produces clear video for easy viewing. Coupled with smart, discrete design make the new DR650GW a feature packed unit 2 channel system with full coverage – still the only system on the market to have built-in WiFi with GPS & Mac compatible software. MAIN FEATURES Full HD 1080P + 720P HD @ 30fps 2.4MP SONY CMOS Sensor Increased Bitrate to 8.5kps (front) 3.2kps (rear) Discrete Black Themed Design Clever Cylindrical Design with 360′ Rotation Up to 64GB SD Card Compatible Built-in WiFi Built-in Sensitive GPS Built-in G-Sensor BLACKVUE POWER MAGIC PRO (Powers camera in PARK MODE). The BlackVue Power Magic Pro uses advanced power management to ensure your cars battery stays healthy. The system works by having pre-set cut off voltages to prevent the camera from continuing to operate if the cars/trucks battery drops below a safe level. On 12V vehicles the appropriate cut off voltage is 11.8 Volts. Features include: · Multi-booting · Prevention to discharge Vehicle Battery · Prevention to Reboot Black box/Navigation · Configuring the Voltage to Cut-off the Power · Configuring the Timer to Cut-off the Power · Timer setting : 6hrs ~ Infinity · Semi-permanent fuse usage · Cigar jack connection socket · For 12-24V LINK TO BUY FROM STORE HERE: http://www.streetfx.com.au/product/early-bird-august-blackvue-group-buy-dr600-and-dr650gw-dashcam/
  2. Update: 18-Jul-2014: OK, so it has been quite some time since we posted an update. The car is now externally complete. Just waiting on the engine configuration to be finalised. The paint is looking BEAUTIFUL and is all thanks to CAMERON'S BODYWORKS! So many countless hours went into getting the car where it is today, we can not thank them enough The final colour is bright white with a blue pearl. Anyway, here are the much requested pictures The pictures harldy show how blue the pearl is, but it looks outstanding in the sun! We have the MOTEC thanks to MOTEC Australia. A high volume sump from FullBlown Motorsports in the USA was imported specifically for the job. This sump is being modified by JHH to include flaps and gates for improved cornering oil pressure maintenance. We will also be running an Accumulator Sump, courtesy of Rob from GOOLS RACING. After the body was finished, it was taken to SOLAR STYLE WINDOW TINTING to apply new 3M tint, as the old mirror tint no longer suited. JHH Automotive has finished building the engine, which will be capable to produce in excess of 600hp reliably. It is sleeved, forged pistons, forged rods, upgraded valve train and a lot more. The new twin charge kit from FORGED PERFORMANCE is underway, we show a picture of the manifold as it is being produced. Here is a video ( ) and some pictures of the beast struggling to get into a driveway now that it is so wide. The car sits at just shy of 2 meters wide now, which makes it substantially wider than an R35 GTR and not far off the width of an Aventador Here is our favourite current picture courtesy of Clear Optics Photography.
  3. A director from a production company in Sydney is flying up on Thursday to do a mini-doco on the 86/BRZ community and the appeal of the newest "tuner platform" that is the 86 & BRZ. We have a couple of Lexus LF-A's coming along as some eye candy for those that haven't seen or heard one in real life before, figured it was appropriate that the 86 kind of looks like a baby 86 We primarily want this as an 86/BRZ ONLY meet, but we would make an exception for AE86's and maybe a few Supras for a photo opportunity with the LFA and 86... The meet location is a large, well lit car park around 10 mins from Brisbane. There may be a drive afterwards, but no stupid behaviour please. The location has not been made public on here to prevent a mass of uninvited guests. We would love some AE86's as well if anyone knows of any. Please PM for info, the event is mentioned on the QLD 86/BRZ facebook page, so if you are a friend of anyone in the 86 club, it won't be hard to get "invited". Hope to see you there Mark
  4. Update: 24-Apr-2014: The color has finally been chosen, but we won't be uploading pics of that until it's finished. Here you can see the poor thing looking rather naked, stripped off once again of all it's paint, and rubbed back, ready for the new coats. The diffuser underwent yet more modifications to fit in with my fussy requests, much to the annoyance of the guys doing the work I am sure - Yep I am one of *those* customers.. Needed it perfect With a "bit" of massaging, cutting and welding, Cameron's bodyworks was able to fit the monster wheels and tyres inside the guards... Even at full lock - which for rims and tyres this wide, is quite an achievement! We also have to thank MOTEC for suggesting the use of their new M150 ECU which is a complete plug and play unit. Also will be using the Motec Lambda wideband and controller. Not the cheapest solution out there, but it most assuredly is the best! Thanks to 86Worx for the Cyberstork dashboard. We will be using these in conjunction with Cyberstork alloy gauge rings and needle bases. Will look awesome! The alloy upgrades will look like this pic, but obviously with the black/blue gauge face behind it. We also have received the delivery of CF dash parts. A flat bottom wheel has arrived also, thanks to ProSpeed Racing. As the date to actually get it all assembled nears, our pile of parts has grown - including the GFB lightened pulley set (Thanks GFB!), RPS carbon clutch (thanks to MVP Motorsports) and a pair of subwoofer enclosures from Bayside Autostyling. The subwoofer boxes will enclose a pair of Hertz 10" subs. The engine will be taking a different direction as well, with a twin charge setup (turbo and supercharged). We expect the power output to be around 600hp, so we will be pushing a bit harder now Working alongside Forged Performance, the engine bay should end up looking something like this.. As always, massive thankyou to all our sponsors and project contributors! We can't wait to get this beast on the road! Don't forget that most of the parts listed in this build are available from us at http://www.streetfx.com.au or just mail us at [email protected]
  5. Hey mate, we can chase that up for you. The clear/chrome tails we dont stock as they were not really popular - the stock tails are basically clear/chrome already. I would suggest the red/clear or smoked - look way better and less "fast and furious" Mark
  6. nice ride hope to see you out and about
  7. Hi guys, sorry for the delay on this, I have not got my car back so have been unable to test fit the products - without test fitting the samples I did not want to import them for everyone else if they didnt 100% line up. I would rather take my time than have disappointed members If people are still keen, we are getting closer to a final date, so feel free to add yourself to the list. m
  8. Update: 04-Mar-2014: Another visit to Cameron's bodyworks has seen the diffuser being further modified to accommodate the factory reverse/fog light combination lamp (which will of course house the Valenti unit). This has been a massive task in itself. The new colour still hasnt been decided upon, but we should have updates on that this week
  9. Update: 01-Feb-2014: Thanks to Cameron's Bodyworks, the rims have been modified to suit. Special thanks to Koya Australia for modifying the rims to shave off an extra 4mm so they fit the fronts.Also big thanks to Bridgestone in Coopers plains for fitting and balancing the rims up for us. Here's a few pics of the beast in it's current state.. The GTR has some competition for the 'fattest car award' Next stop - new paint, also Hertz have supplied some more Audio gear, and JHH have nearly finished the new motor
  10. It looks like velocity grey will not be available at this point, i am unsure as yet
  11. EVERYTHING CARBON!! GROUP BUY PRICING In order to save shipping, we will be offering a group buy on these items. Basically the pricing I am offering here is simply RRP minus 10% for smaller orders, or RRP-15% for larger orders. If you want a FULL KIT they are available at an even larger discount. This is primarily based on the shipping and import costs. THESE ARE GENUINE GLOSS COATED CARBON PARTS. Compared to Grazio & Co parts for example, which are not even real carbon (just immersion imaging) and they cost 2-3x the price. These prices include GST if you require a company invoice (so that's a 10% saving if you are running it through your company). In some cases, they may be more expensive than China parts, but we are importing our parts from our partner in the USA, and if you have any quality issues, we are happy to fix this. Considering we are local, you won't need to ship back to China or anything crazy These parts are easy to apply covers, you do not need any special tools. Unfortunately since my car is in the shop, I do not have any actual pics of them installed, but they are high quality, highly glossy, and look great. I am looking forward to installing them in my car Price break 1 is 10% off Price break 2 is 15% off These are ALL RHD parts, no need to stress about ordering LHD as we only will be getting RHD Some of the images show LHD, but disregard that. Until I have final numbers, I will be unsure whether we can offer price break 2. Price list as follows, Format: RRP, Price break 1, Price break 2. STEERING WHEEL TRIM PLATE (1PC), RRP $98.82, RRP-10% $88.94, RRP-15% $84.00 GEAR SHIFTER SURROUND FRAME COVER (1PC), RRP $142.42, RRP-10% $128.18, RRP-15% $121.06 RADIO CONSOLE + PASSENGER SIDE DASH TRIM (RHD 2PC), RRP $299.37, RRP-10% $269.43, RRP-15% $254.46 A/C PANEL COVER (3 PC) , RRP $142.42, RRP-10% $128.18, RRP-15% $121.06 INNER DOOR HANDLE COVER (2 PC), RRP $177.30, RRP-10% $159.57, RRP-15% $150.70 DOOR SWITCH CONTROL COVER (RHD, 2PC), RRP $116.26, RRP-10% $104.63, RRP-15% $98.82 CLIMATE CONTROL (2PC), RRP $133.70, RRP-10% $120.33, RRP-15% $113.64 MIRROR COVER (2PC), RRP $203.46, RRP-10% $183.11, RRP-15% $172.94 ----- FULL INTERIOR KIT (13 PIECE): $920 FULL INTERIOR KIT PLUS MIRROR COVERS (15 PIECE): $1070 ----- PRICELIST PICS EXTRA PICTURES: AC VENT COVERS (3PC) DOOR SWITCH SURROUNDS (2PC) DASHBOARD AND STEREO GARNISH (2PC) CLIMATE CONTROL COVERS (2PC) DOOR HANDLE COVERS (2PC) STEERING WHEEL GARNISH (1PC) GEAR BOOT SURROUND COVER (1PC) WING MIRROR COVERS (2PC) If you are wanting any of these parts, please make a list of what you want in a post, and when the GB closes please be prepared for payment so you dont cause delay's for other members. Prices quoted are delivered to QLD, individual delivery is extra, but should not be much as they are light and small parts (ranging from aroudn $6 to $12 depending on area). Pickup from our office in Brisbane is of course welcome.
  12. These ONLY fit the 86 as far as I am aware. I believe the BRZ has a different base. Colours available: 61K: Dark Gray - Asphalt (Scion) / Tornado Grey (Toyota Australia) C7P: Red - Firestorm (Scion) / Fuji red (Toyota Australia) D4S: Black - Raven (Scion) / Storm Black (Toyota Australia) 37J: White - Whiteout (Scion) / Pegasus White (Toyota Australia) D6S: Silver - Thunder Silver (Toyota Australia) / Argento FR-S E8H: Blue - Sonic Blue (Toyota Australia) / Ultramarine FR-S H8R: Orange - Velocity Orange (Toyota Australia) / Hot Lava FR-S *If your color code is not listed on the second image above, then there is a chance they may not be available. I am waiting on confirmation from manufacturer. RRP: $99 Group buy price: $77 plus shipping ($6-$11 depending on location, pick up welcome) If you want one, please add your name to the list ONLY if you are definite. Do not screw people around by saying yes and not paying, else you will be delaying everyone else.
  13. Update: 20-Jan-2014: OK, the latest updates bring mixed news. 1) The wheels from the USA (Forgestar flow forged 19x11) have arrived, but despite my best efforts, they came in 5x100 - I'd wanted to change them to 5x114.3 (was planning on running Subaru STi hubs), but they'd stated it was too late and they'd already started making them.. Which was weird, because it still took another 3 months after they said this, for them to arrive.. Go figure.. 2) The wheels from Concave Concepts, which I'd originally also wanted to change to 5x114.3, but due to Forgestar refusing the change stud pattern - I said let's stick with 5x100... When they arrived though they were 5x114.3 and the wrong offset... Meaning that I currently have to run a conversion spacer to make them fit. Not ideal, but I guess it is a blessing in disguise, as I could potentially sell them to a GTR owner being a common stud pattern. 3) Unfortunately the CC rims don't have sufficient recess for the conversion spacers to allow the studs to countersink, which means I need to further modify the rims.. When we tried to bolt them up, they were pushed out an extra 6-7mm due to the way the factory studs protruded into the rear face of the rim.. 4) It's possibly due to the extra offset caused by the wheel not sitting flush with the spacer, or the attempt to run extremely large tyres on the front (height is actually the same as stock, but width is like 8cm wider tyres), but they don't clear the oil cooler or rear of the front wheel arch.. When the wheels are modified, we will see where they sit, and whether we need to alter the offset further... It's possible we should have gone with 9.5 on the front instead of 10... We will update on this later in the week.. 5) Rear offset probably could be even more aggressive, maybe need -5 to -10mm on the back, and +5mm to +10mm on the front - we will update on this later in the week. I guess nothing ever quite goes to plan, but here are some pics of the latest updates. Here's the Forgestar ones (19x11 and 19x9.5). Hard to tell but they are massive concave. Here's the Concave Concepts loaded into the SUV, transporting them to Cameron's bodyworks (18x11 and 18x10 with 295/30/18 Advan AD050 tyres) Above to remove the old 19s: Comparison of the old vs new. The new is actually a smaller rolling diameter, but wider footprint (by far): Here you can see the new 18x10 fouls the oil cooler. We will work on a solution to this later. Here is a pic of where the stock studs foul the rear face of the rims: And now some various pics showing the current setup, though it will be changing again soon.. Anyway, as I mentioned previously, time to start choosing a new colour.. Undecided yet
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