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  1. 61K - Tornado Grey / Dark Grey Metallic / Argento D4S - Storm Black / Crystal Black Silica / Raven D6S - Thunder Silver / Sterling Silver Metallic / Asphalt E8H - Sonic Blue / Galaxy Blue Silica / Ultramarine C7P - Mount Fuji Red / Lightning Red / Firestorm 37J - Pegasus White / Satin White Pearl / Whiteout H8R - Velocity Orange / Hot Lava 42C - WR Blue Mica copied this from a post on gt86.com.au but I also found this http://www.toyotareference.com/scionfrs
  2. Yeah its a bummer, My paint code didn't even come up in the Toyota system, quoted 37J to subaru and got told it will be here for you at 9am tomorrow lol p.s. I think H8R is the paint code for the orange, just give subaru a call and ask them
  3. thanks for the feedback guys, will most likely be getting it PDR'd (paintless dent removal) once that's done I can see how bad the paint chip looks and apply some touch up with a very fine art brush or toothpick, just called my local subaru dealer to grab me some touch up paint aswell, the white is a 2 stage application with base coat and normal coat, this will be a pain with such a tiny chip
  4. pics upload, i know it looks minor with these crap iphone pics but I need it fixed ASAP
  5. can genuine touch up paint be bought anywhere? or will it need to be mixed?
  6. So i discovered this tiny yet VERY annoying ding on the back of my car today and although its a minute one it has gone deep into the white layer I have no idea how the ding got there but its REALLY annoying me, I'm thinking the boot lid will possibly need to be resprayed? suggestions thoughts and ideas please? Will upload some pics shortly...
  7. I got pulled over doing 100 in a 70 zone just a few days ago, unmarked camry, but I was very lucky that they where detectives without a radar and not highway patrol so I simply got cautioned and let off His first words where "any reason why you decided to open up like that" my responce was "this is my new baby, first time on an open highway, got a little excited "
  8. Got mine and installed it last night, thanks heaps StreetFX, was too ashamed to take a picture as my car is quite dirty right now
  9. Update on what is available: 86 GT Auto Blue 86 GT Auto Red 86 GTS Man Red SOLD 86 GTS Man Silver 86 GTS Man Grey with Aero Kit 86 GTS Auto Grey 86 GTS Auto Orange SOLD
  10. I have an parcel waiting for me with Australia Post, wonder what it could be
  11. As promised here is the list of what we have available: 86 GT Auto Blue 86 GT Auto Red 86 GTS Man Red SOLD 86 GTS Man Silver 86 GTS Man Grey with Aero Kit 86 GTS Auto Grey 86 GTS Auto Orange SOLD Feel free to PM me and I will give you my direct work line to contact me if you are interested. Regards Nick
  12. I don't have the list handy right now, only remembered the orange one as someone already asked if we had one, once I am in the office tomorrow I will post a list of spec colour and transmission that we have available, will have the list posted well before midday
  13. yes there is one VO GTS in AT available, and already one serious buyer wanting it, no deposit placed on it yet so it will be a case of first in first served on this one.
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