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  1. You could 'probably' get away with just the TRD CF lip as this doesn't necessarily alter the structure of the vehicle, the boot lid is the major issue.
  2. Because CF reacts differently to metal in a crash and doesn't necessarily have the same ability to protect occupants of a car. The car was passed as legal for road use with metal body panels not CF ones, hence the need to get it engineered.
  3. Nice but 100% not legal unless you get it engineered/adr'd. There is one place in Aus that has previously been mentioned in many threads on here, If I recall Bren has mentioned them before that has gone through ADR/Engineering (not for 86/BRZ stuff though). I was speaking with a traffic colleague a week or two ago about this sort of stuff and they also mentioned that there is only one known company in Aus who have gone to the expense of getting the stuff passed. Purchase at your own risk, sorry to be a killjoy.
  4. Not so sure that the guidelines are anything to do with the headunit as I don't have any on mine.
  5. I use Meguiars to wash and wax and have a load of MF towels for drying and polishing
  6. My head unit skips songs when I play through USB from my iPhone, but never whilst playing through bluetooth.
  7. Got my camera and wiring harness from Chris at Audio Express, think it was $190 and I fitted it myself, only one power wire to solder and one hole to drill to fit the camera.
  8. Welcome Kris I'm not blonde or Finnish, but foreign, in law enforcement and have a blue 86 too. Great minds must think alike.
  9. Wouldn't be so sure about the getting fixed part, speak to Method about his mate's car that he posted the other day. They aren't cheap to repair.
  10. Thanks for the mini meet Matt, was great to catch up and maybe I'll see you up this way sometime.
  11. Ouch, that's a lot of damage, hope he's ok.
  12. Not necessarily - it's more the issue of not being in proper control of your vehicle, especially as your attention will not be focused on the road but on operating the head unit and the chance of a crash significantly increased.
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