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    The last race on horizon is a bitch lol
  2. shaun89


    PS3.. GT5 and COD mostly. Addicted to Black Ops 2 ATM lol
  3. The day after that law came out I stopped at the lights and a female cop pulled up beside me holding her phone in the middle of the steering wheel texting..
  4. Yeah if you want to go we can, I'll be down with my car soon, think brad wanted to see it lol
  5. I have a few more, just can't upload them from my phone
  6. I'm a P plater, got followed by a few cops but haven't been pulled over yet. After losing my license once I've been good though lol
  7. Heres the event, anybody is welcome to join. we are going to wiseman ferry, not stanwell. https://www.facebook.com/events/419298878125439/?context=create
  8. I ordered mine on the 1st July and picked it up 10th October
  9. shaun89

    Vinyl Wrap

    mines 2 days 2 nights 6-6 then 4 off
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