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  1. New wheels SSR F2, 13 x 7 +1 front and 13 x 7.5 -5 at the rear. So much dish on the back ones They fit perfectly, no spacers. It is like the wheels are made for the car!! Need to modify the brackets for the front guards though, because they no longer cover the wheels due to the wider, lower offset wheels sitting further out.
  2. Car is all back together and back on the road, with the new number plates on. It looks like a completely new car! First I had to put the extractors and exhaust back on. I figured I should re-wrap them before installing Turned out well I reckon. Then I had a very kind offer from a fellow OzClubbies member that I could not turn down. A new pair of seats. Pretty much exactly what I wanted to put in it. My first choice was Caterham R500 Superlight carbon kevlar Tillets, but these are ridiculously expensive. These particular ones that I have were actually my second pick anyway Also got some new, genuine, R500 harnesses. Passenger side still isn't in yet, have had trouble marking out the holes for it. I'll do it on my next break. First (and only) drive since being back on the road. I have some CF stone guards for the rear wheel arches which I need to put on ASAP, as the sticky tyres and very small front guards allow many rocks to be thrown up. It's getting there
  3. PS, no one can say for sure from looking at a crap quality night time phone pic, with no pics of chassis rail etc.
  4. Lost control of the slide ay?
  5. Heaps of people use spacers and don't get done. Cops wouldn't even look for them if you're using standard wheels. My car has slip on spacers on the back and I have no problems with them. 15 metres is a big spacer.
  6. Bren

    Roof Scoop

    Will look stupid. Don't bother.
  7. Been a while since posting in here. Raced at Pittsworth Sprints a month ago. Had a few hiccups, but walked away with 3rd in class even after not having many runs and having some problems. First problem was my fault. Clipped a concrete barrier with inside rear wheel from turning in too early, resulting in two holes in the tyre. Got them fixed to race the next day, but missed the last two runs of that day because of it. Tyre is fixed, but needs replacing. Second problem was the friggin alternator. Put a brand new one on. It wasn't quite right though. Auto sparky matched the part number of the original, but the after market one was just a bit bigger, and plug was in a different spot. This turned out to be bad. The thing didn't fit properly, I had to try and move some shit to make it fit. Got there in the end. Seemed good. Apparently not. Because it was so tight a fit, I mustn't have been able to get the plug in properly, and over time it vibrated out, causing the alternator to stop charging the battery. When this happened at the sprints I didn't know that was the cause, so it put me out for the rest of the day and meant I needed a tow home. I have since had the original alternator repaired and it is on the car and working well. Car currently looks like this And this happened It is currently getting painted. So when I am home next I will go over every nut and bolt to make sure they're tight, probably check engine mounts, and give the thing a good clean. Then, if I can be bothered, I'll paint the interior black. And body should be done when I get home, so next break will be doing the above, fitting the newly painted body, and driving it hopefully!! Brackets for the CF guards are done, and look great. Just need to paint them black, which will also happen on my next break. And the quad throttle adapter manifold has arrived at home, although I haven't seen it yet as it arrived while I have been away. I guess I need to get the cams soon, have them fitted, then get the throttles on and a new tune
  8. Carbon guard fitting began today. Should be finished soon. Hopefully picking up some cams this break. 280° duration, 8.5mm lift. And I have an adapter inlet manifold for putting the individual throttle bodies on currently being made
  9. I got the car back with the Motec fitted. Drives well. Also have tentatively booked in paint for after Pittsworth Sprints. And car is currently with a mate so I can get the CF guards fitted. Things happening.
  10. E85 isn't readily available to everyone, though. I couldn't run my car on it due to the nearest bowser being 60 odd km away.
  11. Did you even search? There is already a big thread on exhausts... Cat back does next to nothing for power on these cars. The factory cat back exhaust already flows well. Any N/A power gains come from the extractors and front pipe. So if you want to change the way the car sounds, listen to some different exhausts and pick the one you like. Then later on you can get the rest of the exhaust done to open up some more power. As the other guys mentioned, E85 is the best way to make reasonable gains on an N/A car. I wouldn't worry about that though, just get practice driving it. The cars definitely go well enough completely standard, more than a P plater will ever need.
  12. Haven't update this for a while. Took the car to Lakeside on Sunday. It was my first time there, and I loved it! My best time for the day was 1:07, which I am very happy about for first time at Lakeside, and a first time actually racing on track, too. The dipstick popped out a couple of times, making a bit of a mess of the car, but apart from that it performed extremely well all day And right now the car is currently at a dude in Brisbane's house getting a Motec M4 fitted. It will be a massive step up from the crappy Injec that is in there, and it means that when the time comes to modify the engine I will be able to have it tuned. Jase reckons he'll have the Motec in by the weekend, and will start road tuning it then. The plan is to get it good enough to drive, then he'll drive to my place in it, which is a bit over an hour, and he said by the time I have driven him home it will be completely finished. He said worst case scenario, we can hire a dyno off his mate for an hour to touch it up, but that's all it will need Will try to get it to the dyno for a power figure anyway. So, as mentioned, when the engine gets modified I'll be able to tune it. So as soon as tax money comes in I will be buying a set of Wade 800A cams. These are big duration, but not overly high lift. This works for me because it means the only thing in the head I need to change is the valve springs. They are around 304° duration, with around 8.5mm lift. I have a set of TRD springs lined up for a good price, and some GZE injectors as well. So that get's it pretty well up to date
  13. Best extractors you can buy are 6Boost ones, but they are not cheap and you'll wait a while for them. For the rest of the exhaust from the headers back you should see a local exhaust shop and get a price. You'll get something just as good as an expensive brand name, for less money. Cat backs don't do much at all for power on these cars as the standard cat back flows well. Extractors and the over pipes/mid pipes will do more. Cat back will really just change the noise.
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