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  1. Finally something worth updating the thread about Got $10 worth of red vinyl wrap and put it to use Also ordered some HID's, LED's and other assorted ebay goodies The mods are finally getting underway
  2. What wheels are they? That polished lips looks tops!
  3. Another HSC 86 brother!!!!!!! I too am gonna be looking for a job as soon as the exams are over! Gotta get that expendable income!
  4. Makes sense, there is someone else on Ebay still selling them but hearing this i'll stick to the old style. Thanks for the reply mate
  5. Damn, that chair costs as much as an exhaust lol. But for someone who spends all day at a desk it could be a big deal. Goodluck with the sale
  6. Hey mate, when the fuck are these coming back in stock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Awesome! So have you modded your car without even getting it yet Did you make the drive up to Melb or something?
  8. MCA's seems to be the same price wherever you go, unless you find some private giving them away. So ShanO you didn't have to fiddle with height or any other settings? Just install and go?
  9. Hey Guys, Any news update for cc03's in 18?
  10. My cars fully hektik riced out, but if i get a 25/100 chance then ill take it!
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