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  1. Typhoon


    Playing bf4 on pc forza on Xbox one and gt6 comes out Friday on ps3 and fifa 14 on ps3
  2. I always get the 'your car is impractical' but it fits everything I need and occasionally the misses
  3. Yea 2 hours there and 2 back roughly but not much in the way of side tracks, gokarts out there used to be good until they had to ditch the 2stroke ones unless they have new ones
  4. One of the local 86s here runs 20's
  5. If we left early enough bargara wouldn't be a problem, Many peaks is a good drive to the pub but some of the crossings are a bit iffy for lower cars last run I did.
  6. Car is 18 months old and it came from no where. The passanger side door was barely used in the first 24 hours
  7. Hey guys, sat morning I woke up to my passanger side window tint starting to delaminate. I took it into tint master who did the original tint and was told it will always happen and they don't know how I managed to get warranty for it. Has anyone else had issues with there tint on the sides windiws where the top seals ?
  8. By non wb do you mean the greddy street kit ? I don't see why it would be detectable
  9. Haha coyote that would be an issue if I hadn't swapped to Meisters I will give it a try tonight while out cruising see if I can get it
  10. I find it almost at locking point before I can get to the accelerator on my car anyway
  11. Also 86 has lsd sv6 one legger for days
  12. Hmm I find the throttle is to far back for me, not used to anything in particular but even mates with cars ranging from rx7 to chasers don't find it easy
  13. How the hell do you heal toe this car my ancle doesn't bend that far (haven't bothered adjusting anything)
  14. Ar front indicators and valanti tails installed and the misses doesn't know about either of them
  15. Check out LED Eightsix on Facebook I got my valanti tails from him aswell. Also http://led86.com.au
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