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  1. Hi guys, My steering wheel airbag had gone off. Upon replacing I have a clockspring I got with the airbag I bought from the wreckers (from a 2017 86, mine is a 2014). I've noticed the clock spring I got from the wreckers turns more than 5 times (approx 7 times it turns), compared to the one originally in my car that turns 5 times. Does this mean the replacement clock spring I have is no good? Another question, why do I need to replace a clock spring when the airbag goes off, is it only due to the potential melting of wires behind the airbag? And people just end up replacing the whole thing? Because I'm sure I'm able to replace these wires from my original clockspring going into the airbag, nothing else seems to be damaged from the clockspring itself. Any help is much appreciated. Thanks
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