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  1. Hi I bought my 2014 86 GTS in December last year. Very good condition with 53xxx on it at the time. It has now done 55600 km. Just want to know if this idle sound, sounds okay? When the Car is stopped at a traffic light and radio volume not really loud can hear the idle sound inside the car, a bit. Is this normal? Iv read about chirping and crickets but not sure if this is the issue. Another sound I noticed recently was somewhere at the rear of the car. Sometimes when turn right at an intersection, while turning I press a bit hard on the accelerator when im in 2nd gear. This would very slightly screech the tyres for about a second. Last time I tried this, a grinding sound came from the rear of the car. I am worried and dont know what this could be. Overall the car is driving fine with no issues, however The gear slightly vibrates when idle but this seems normal. VID-20200227-WA0000.mp4 VID-20200227-WA0001.mp4
  2. Hi, I have just bought a second hand 86 2014. I want to know how I can turn the Gear indicator on? Regards, SJ
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