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  1. Hey all, I've had my 2013 BRZ for 9 months now (done about 5,000k's) which, if I have understood correctly, means it's due for a service. The previous owners performed the 45k and 60k services by themselves not at a dealer/mechanic so unfortunately theses aren't stamped in the logbook. This has not proven to be an issue and I have no concerns about the car at this stage and it is running perfectly but I cannot be certain that the previous owners performed all the required service checkpoints. On top of this, there are, a number of maintenance issues which need to be addressed, as follows: -valve spring recall is yet to be performed -drivers door hinge doesn't hold the door partially or fully open and is free to move back and forth without resistance -battery is struggling to hold charge and is probably due to be replaced -there appears to be some condensation in the horizontal DRL's -clutch is a bit squeaky (though I understand this is an easy DIY fix with some lube) -a small, loose piece of plastic under the car on the drivers side (probably just needs to be screwed into place) From what I gather, finding an independent mechanic to service the car will save me some cash (any suggestions within Melbourne are appreciated). However, given the valve spring recall has not been done and the other maintenance things which need to be addressed, am I better taking it to a dealer this time around and having them stamp the 60k service in the book? Any advice is greatly appreciated, thanks.
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